My #IndyMini Story: Gavin Thornberry

The One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon offers something for everyone.  Elite runners and families have made the Mini-Marathon a tradition because of the unique atmosphere and experience the Indy Mini offers. The Mini-Marathon appeals to participants of ALL ages and skill levels. This My #Indymini Story shows how this special running event sparked a passion for running with one of its youngest participants.


While finishing his first year of elementary school, Gavin Thornberry was already setting big goals. Gavin set out to finish the 13.1 course of the One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon as one of its youngest participants.


“I completed my first Mini-Marathon when I was six years old,” said Gavin.  “I’m 8 years old and this is my third year running the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon.”

As a young athlete, Gavin knows the importance of proper training.  He attributes his successes to a training regimen that he practices multiple times each week. He also appreciates the motivational support that those on the sidelines along the course of the Indy Mini provide.


“To prepare myself I train four days a week in karate,” Gavin said. “When it comes to race day the people cheering on the side of the route keep me motivated to keep my pace.”

Gavin is not only passionate about fitness and running, but he also enjoys inspiring others through his   example to get active. He is looking forward to participating in the 40th running of the One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon on May 7, 2016.

“I like running because I get to inspire other kids my age and I like hearing the people cheer me on when I run,” said Gavin.  “If you’ve read this and you see me on the route make sure to say ‘Hi!’.”


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