#IndyMini Ambassador Q&A: Mark Seitz

Mark Seitz

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Mark Seitz with Frank Shorter, the first to win the Mini-Marathon in 1976

Q: How many Indy Minis have you run?

A: This will be my 19th consecutive Mini.  It’s hard to believe that there are high school seniors graduating this month who weren’t even born when I did my first Mini.


Q: Who or what inspires you to run?

A: The past couple of years I have run with a group called Back on My Feet, which combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources.  It is incredibly inspiring to see some of the BoMF guys that I run with reach milestones like completing their first Mini marathon or securing a job and moving into their own apartment.


Q: What is your favorite Mini memory or experience?

A: I am incredibly proud of my two children who used to come to the Mini to watch me, and are now running the Indy Mini as adults.  My birthday happens to coincide with the week surrounding the Mini so we get together with family and any out-of-time guests on Saturday night and celebrate my birthday, Mother’s Day, any graduations, and the completion of the Mini. It’s a fun tradition.


Q: What advice would you give to someone running the Mini for their first time?

A: Enjoy the entire experience!  Enjoy the race expo on Friday and the take in the nervous energy of other participants as you wait in your starting corral Saturday morning; see if you can spot an elephant up on the hill as you pass by the Indianapolis Zoo; high-five the youngsters that come out of their house to watch the parade of runners; say ‘thanks you’ to the police, medical teams, and national guard members who are positioned along the course; try to absorb some of the energy of the bands, cheerleaders, cloggers, water-station volunteers, and Chik-Fil-A cows though the middle part of the race; kiss the bricks!; look for US marathon legends who will be positioned along the IMS track; appreciate the accomplishment as you finally cross the finish line; ring the PR bell in the recovery area; give a big sweaty hug to any friends or family members that might be waiting for you (they’ll love that!); enjoy some Gatorade, cold milk, or a complimentary beer as you re-hydrate; celebrate with a nap and big meal later in the day… and sign up for next year’s Mini while the endorphins are still kicking in!


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