#IndyMini Ambassador: Kerry Bieschke

A record-breaking 42 #IndyMini Ambassadors are training, recruiting and inspiring others in preparation for the 42nd running of the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. We’re sharing their stories through a series of blog posts; 2018 Ambassador Features.  Here is one of their stories. 


Kerry’s Story

As a stay at home mom, full-time student, and new runner, finding balance in my training has been difficult.  Especially since it’s hard to find time away from my kids to get out for a training run. However, I do this for my kids. To be healthier and able to play with them more is why I started working out. I was tired of being the first one to get tired and building up my endurance has helped me keep up with my 4- and 6-year-old kids. Originally, my goal was triathlons, but with the contest win last year, it switched to just running, and I haven’t gotten around to the triathlon bit… at least not yet.


Kerry’s #IndyMini Experience

I almost compulsively enter contests. Last year, Channel 13 (who sponsors the event) had an entrance for the Mini as a prize and I entered thinking it would be 6-8 weeks from the contest, but it was only four weeks from the prize being awarded to the start of the race. So I had to go from a couch potato to a half marathoner in a month (I really don’t recommend it, but it was survivable). This year, doing the Miler Series has been so great and getting the training runs that far apart has really helped me to increase my distance and pace in a safe and reliable manner. I’m hoping to cut almost an hour off of last year’s Mini time!


Kerry’s Advice


Honestly, the only other races I’ve ever done are the fun 5Ks (like with sprayed color, or slides and silly things like that). Though my experience with the Mini did seem more community-based than those 5Ks.  When I was doing the Mini last year, other runners would talk to me, and give me encouragement if I needed it and it felt like we were all doing this together instead of a bunch of individuals just going the same way.


Feeling inspired by Kerry’s story? If you’re interested in participating in the 2018 OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, click here


Kerry, along with our other Ambassadors, will be sharing her training experience and motivation leading up to the race. Follow along and share your experience using #IndyMini on social media!

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