What Motivates You? Devon Shares Her #WhyIMini Story

What’s your #WhyIMini motivation? For Devon Scott, the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon is a way to remember her father and inspire herself year after year. Devon’s father passed away in August 2013 after battling a rare cancer.  They used to take regular walks together, which they considered as their special time together. The two of them would have long talks and share stories, laughter, and tears. After his passing, Devon continued to remain active by working out with her sister at the YMCA. One day at the gym, she and her sister came across a sign advertising the YMCA Indy Mini training group. Devon immediately felt drawn to the idea of crossing the Indy Mini finish line. Her father would always ask, “Well why can’t you do that?” With her father’s words in mind, she decided to take on the challenge. Since her father could no longer walk near the end of his battle, this was her way to walk for him when he wasn’t able to.  

The training group benefitted Devon in many ways. She learned how to breathe properly, listen to her body, how to stay motivated, and held her accountable to continue the journey toward 13.1 miles. Through the commitment of the group, she was strengthened by knowing that they were not going to give up on her or let her give up on herself.  

For Devon, the day of the Indy Mini was amazing and emotional at one time. In memory of her father, she wore his photo on the back of her shirt. Throughout the course, Devon was encouraged and supported by many other participants. From the supportive spectators, to the course entertainment, to the wonderful volunteers, and many more, Devon was in awe of how this was more than a race; it was a community spectacle. Despite getting separated from her group, Devon was able to persevere and push herself all the way to the finish line.  

After completing her first Indy Mini, Devon became hooked on that finish line feeling. She has now completed 5 Indy Minis! Running has become a source of therapy and a time of self-reflection for Devon. After training with a group to complete her first half, she applied what she learned to her solo training each year since. Training by herself is challenging in that she must hold herself accountable. However, now that the Indy Mini has become a virtual race, Devon has found it extremely helpful that she has experience training and running by herself. In fact, she has learned to love running by herself so she can run comfortably at her own pace without restricting anyone else.  

While completing her Virtual 2020 One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, Devon will miss running through downtown Indianapolis. However, she is still pumped to wake up and get moving just as she normally would on race day. Preferring to run on sidewalks, Devon has found it helpful to map her mileage throughout neighborhood with many cul-de-sacs.  

To other Indy Mini participants, Devon encourages you to find what motivates you and stick to it. Given the current circumstances, it can be easy to lose motivation. Devon wears her father’s jacket around her waist every time she trains and races. Remember that only you can do it for yourself and you must push yourself to do it.  

To celebrate her Virtual #IndyMini victory, Devon plans to treat herself to her morning coffee and an Epson salt bath.  

Good luck during your Virtual Indy Mini! For virtual resources such as training tips and more, click HERE! 

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