That May Feeling

The Month of May in Indianapolis is like no other. To Beth Boles, the Month of May is everything. A racing fan at heart, Beth has never missed a day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, attending 52 Indy 500 races. She is also a 500 Festival Princess Program Alumna, mother of IndyCar driver Conor Daly, and wife of IMS President Doug Boles. Needless to say, May holds a special place in the heart of the Boles family.  

To celebrate her favorite time of year, Beth also has a special love for 500 Festival events. In fact, she has participated in the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon for over 7 years! Year after year, Beth eagerly anticipates the thrilling atmosphere of the Indy Mini to kick off the Month of May celebrations in Indianapolis. She and her niece, who travels from St. Louis, typically get in the racing spirit by wearing matching checkered flag tutus as they conquer 13.1 miles. However, Beth’s Indy Mini looked slightly different this year. With the move to the virtual race, Beth was still determined to keep the tradition of taking on her 13.1 miles during the Month of May. Despite missing the atmosphere of the in-person event, Beth had perhaps one of her best Indy Minis yet. She found that she was able to train more, given the free time she has now been allotted. As a race fan, as well as a high school girl’s lacrosse coach, Beth’s spring schedule is typically jam-packed. However, with cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her schedule has significantly reduced. Beth has been grateful for the time to get outside and be active, which she says is beneficial for her mental and physical health. Beth even had the unique opportunity to train with a few laps around IMS when her husband Doug went to the track.  

On a sunny Saturday in May, Beth set out to take on her virtual Indy Mini. Doug had planned to run alongside Beth, however, he is now planning on conquering his virtual Indy Mini at a later date. To her surprise, Beth completed her virtual Indy Mini in one of her best times yet. She celebrated her victory by taking photos, enjoying her traditional post-race bagel, and going to Starbucks with her son for a green tea matcha. However, to Beth, nothing compares to that May feeling. She believes there is nothing greater than the atmosphere of the Indy Mini. From the people, to the entertainment, to the volunteers, the thrill and excitement of the Indy Mini is incomparable. Beth and her family also love participating in the IPL 500 Festival Parade each year.  

August cannot come soon enough for the Boles family. In the future, the Month of May feeling will never again be taken for granted. Beth believes race fans will come together again, and when they do, they will appreciate the sport more than ever. Race fans will celebrate together in the freedom to get out to the track and enjoy each other’s company, the live events, and all of the festivities that make the Month of May what is it.  

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