My #IndyMini Story: Mary Ann and Dan Davis

Running a half marathon race requires runners to push themselves, often in ways they never imagined. Dan Davis not only pushes himself to run the distance, but he also pushes his mother Mary Ann along with him. Dan and Mary Ann’s #WhyIMini story is one about a son’s untiring love for his mother and the possibilities of pursuing one’s dreams no matter how impossible they seem.

It all began 3 years ago when Dan asked his mother to run the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon with him. Mary Ann knew that her son had an indescribable passion for running in the Indy Mini, and she desperately wanted to be a part of the experience. However, this seemed impossible to Mary Ann whose health prevented her from walking most distances, let alone running a half marathon.

Mary Ann 1

Dan did not let his mother’s health circumstances keep him from getting her to race with him. Instead, he came up with a plan to help her keep the pace. He spent countless hours in his garage modifying a double stroller to create a vehicle in which his mother could comfortably sit while he pushed her through the race. He also wanted to make sure that his mother rode in style, so he painted the vehicle in her favorite shade of pink, and he fashioned the seat with checkered flag print fabric.

When race day came, Mary Ann was full of joy and pride for what her son had done for her, but she did not expect the reactions that she and Dan received from other race participants. She was taken aback by the support of other runners and walkers as they cheered her son on with applause and words of encouragement. She smiled the whole way through the race, raising her arms, clenching her fists and shaking them in delight.

Mary Ann 2

Feeling uplifted by the other runners and walkers in the Mini-Marathon, Dan ran faster in his final mile than he did in the first. When the finish was in sight, Dan stopped running unexpectedly. He walked to the front of his mother’s cart and helped her stand. With her son’s support, Mary Ann crossed the finish line and completed the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon with an impressive time of 1:46. She beamed as she rang the PR bell.

Mary Ann 3

Dan and Mary Ann have already registered for the 2016 OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, so make sure to show support when you see them on May 7!

4 thoughts on “My #IndyMini Story: Mary Ann and Dan Davis”

  1. I am so happy that you are a part of something so important to Dan! He inspires so many in all that he does. he love this part of his running year because he knows that he will get to share his victory with you. Keep going lady, you’ll always have someone pushing you! xoxo

  2. ‘m beyond proud to say that’s my brother and our Mom.
    Danny travels over 1000 miles from Florida to participate and push our Mom in the 500 Mini Marathon. We had many conversations as he was building the cart. He was so excited and wanted everything to be perfect and for Mom to be comfortable. I never imagined the fun, excitement and emotions involved with the 500 Mini Marathon. It is simply amazing to watch not only them but other runners reach their goals and dreams.

    My brother and my Mom live by the verses on the signs displayed on the cart.

    “There will come a day I can no longer do this, Today is not that day.”


    I am looking forward to the 2016 Mini and sharing in their excitement and dream.
    If you see them there give them a shout of encouragement as they push to reach their goal and again break their personal record.

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