My #IndyMini Story: Chris Day

Dennis Waitley wrote, “Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next.” Many adults become downtrodden from stress in their day-to-day lives and forget the importance of taking care of themselves. This My #Indymini Story is one about how one man turned his life around, when he went from overweight to marathon runner.

Almost a decade ago, Chris Day was establishing himself as a financial advisor, balancing work and family life.  He tipped the scales at over 300 pounds, and was overstressed, sedentary, and struggling to walk even short distances. He knew he desperately needed to get healthy for himself and his family.

ChrisDay 3

For Chris, healthy changes were slow and gradual at first.  He changed his diet and added light exercise each day.  But, he knew he needed to do something more to get the drastic changes he so desired.

“I took things one day at a time focusing on diet and exercise and the important things I could control,” Chris said.

As a former track coach, Chris had an existing love for running so he began to add running back into his day-to-day routine. He got hooked on running again and before long he was running for distance. In no time, he was down 60 pounds and completing marathons!

ChrisDay 5ChrisDay 6

Since beginning his journey toward transformation, Chris has run the Boston Marathon as well as numerous One America 500 Festival Mini Marathons. He notes that by-far his best marathon experience was when his wife joined him to show her support in 2012 for the Indy Mini.


“The only thing better than achieving your own goals, is helping others achieve theirs!” Chris said.

To date, Chris is down almost 100 pounds, and he has a newfound enthusiasm and joy for life that he wants to share with others. He is registered to run the Indy Mini this year (his 20th half marathon), so when you see him you can congratulate him on his tremendous fitness achievements and progress.

ChrisDay 4

“This year I will return for the Indy Mini as a happy, healthy, 40-something, husband, father and ambassador for this great race- with the simple goal of inspiring others!”  Chris said.

There is still time to be a part of the 40th running of the 2016 One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon in Downtown Indianapolis on May 7th! For more information and to sign up today, click here.

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