Lisa Curley: My #IndyMini Story


95 pounds. That’s the weight Lisa Curley has taken off in the last 4-5 years. She’s been visiting Indianapolis her whole life, and now she’s going to run it.

Lisa, from Crown Point, Ind., grew up visiting Indy each May to see family and take part in the historic Hoosier tradition of the Indy 500 on Memorial Day weekend.

“Indy is where my family is from,” she said. “I spent many Memorial Day weekends as a child on my grandparents’ back porch listening to the race on the radio.”

Her grandfather was an auditor for the State. During the days of Mario Andretti Sr., he was also a lap counter at the Speedway.

“The stories he could tell and his passion for that race were infectious,” she said.



Before 10-2012
Lisa (right) with her Aunt and Sister in 2012
Lisa Curley First 5K
Lisa (left) running her first 5K
Lisa Curley After
Lisa running a 5K
February 2016
Lisa in February 2016








In 2012, Lisa began to run as part of a weight loss journey. She ran local 5K races and was constantly challenging herself to beat her previous time, finish a tough race, or simply get healthier.

Now 95 pounds lighter in 2017, she’s ready for something she never thought was possible.

“When I decided I was finally ready to try a half marathon, there was no question I was running Indy,” she said. “I want to run across the bricks. I want my first half marathon to be in the place I have so much passion for.”

Lisa begins her training on February 4.

On May 6, 2017, she’ll get to race around the track she used to only hear about.  |  |  @500Festival  |  |