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#IndyMini Ambassador Q&A: LeAnne Manuel

LeAnneManuelLeAnne Manuel

Q: How many Indy Minis have you run?

A: I have ran the 5K in 2015, and the Mini in 2016.


Q: Who or what inspires you to run?

A: I am inspired to run the Mini because the atmosphere is unmatched. The people, the entertainment, the volunteers, all create a unique race culture that supports every person on the course doing their best.


Q: What is your favorite Mini memory or experience?

A: My favorite Mini experience is when running along Main St in Speedway. You can see the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Lots of people line the street there to cheer on the runners and walkers to the entry of the Speedway. When you are on the track, you are becoming part of the legacy of the Indianapolis 500. It is the boost you need for the second half of the race to finish strong.


Q: What advice would you give to someone running the Mini for their first time?

A: My advice that I give 1st time runners is to not try anything new on race day. This includes clothes, shoes, and nutrition. I try to have the same breakfast, and I use the same snacks to keep my energy up on the course. Sweet things turn my stomach, so instead I run every race with a handful pretzels in my running belt to eat 1 at a time for energy.


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