5 Reasons the Indy Mini is the Perfect New Year’s Resolution

“What’s your 2018 New Year’s resolution?” 


That big question is back. It’s on your mind, and you have to be ready if/when you’re asked about it. Better yet, you need to have a plan. And whatever that “new” thing is, it starts NOW!


New Year’s resolutions can take on many forms. Not everyone needs a resolution like 13.1 miles. But for those who do, the 500 Festival has a number of advantages for any kind of runner or walker looking to get started.


This is not the New York City or Chicago Marathon. Anyone – and we mean anyone – can do this. So, here are five things you didn’t know about the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon that make it PERFECT for New Year’s resolutions.



1) It’s Fun

Did you know the Indy Mini has one of the highest walker-to-participant ratios of any major American road race? With a 4-hour time limit (18-minute per mile pace), the Indy Mini is one of the most forgiving courses for a beginning half marathoner. Yes, it’s still a race. That competitive spirit lives in all of us, but the Mini-Marathon is a 13.1-mile fun run. If you like fun, keep reading.



2) It’s Easy

Did you know the 500 Festival implemented it’s own series of training races specifically for the Indy Mini? It’s called the 500 Festival Miler Series, presented by OrthoIndy, and it helps participants reach their resolutions by working up to 13.1 miles with three incremental races; a 3-Miler, 6-Miler, and 10-Miler. If the sound of these distances makes it seem easier to start, keep reading.



3) It’s Flat

Did you know the Indy Mini is one of the flattest courses in the nation? A limited deviation in course elevation allows runners and walkers to breeze along at their own speed – which is usually quite fast. After all, fast is what this city is known for. So if you’re in the game to get better and break that record, keep reading.



4) It’s Alive

Did you know the Indy Mini boasts the largest number of course entertainment groups for any road race in the country? Nearly 100 acts from DJs to bands and tap dancers to cheer squads line the streets of Indianapolis to motivate and encourage the participants. 13 pit stations line the course as well, filled with volunteers dishing out water and continuing the encouragement. If you think thousands of people cheering you on might help get you to your goal, keep reading.



5) It’s Epic

Did you know the Indy Mini takes you around the largest sports venue in the world? That’s what we said. The largest venue on PLANET EARTH! The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the heart of the Indianapolis 500 and the month of May in Indy, and it’s the feature of the Mini-Marathon for Mile 6 and Mile 7. Nothing compares to coming down the home stretch and kissing the bricks. If you like epic moments, keep reading, and get ready for something unforgettable.




You can make your resolution to lose weight, eat better, and exercise. These ideas are great. But in 2018, make it tangible, make it real, and make it 13.1 miles.


Want to make it even easier? Do it with a friend!


Interested in registering for the 2018 OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon? Prices increase New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) at 11:59 p.m. ET! 







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