#IndyMini Ambassador: Monica Roose

A record-breaking 42 #IndyMini Ambassadors are training, recruiting and inspiring others in preparation for the 42nd running of the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. We’re sharing their stories through a series of blog posts; 2018 Ambassador Features.  Here is one of their stories. 


Monica’s Story

My aspiration toward a healthy lifestyle began in 2011, and after running my first 5K that same year, the motivation and accomplishment that I felt from finishing the race intensified my passion for the sport.  I can’t imagine missing out on that post-race feeling of satisfaction. Running seemed to be the tool that executed my health goals and finding a race that helped me keep those goals attainable made all the difference.


Monica’s #IndyMini Experience

The upcoming Indy Mini will mark my seventh year as a participant. The 2018 Indy Mini will be extra special for me because my boyfriend, brother-in-law and nephew will be participating too! The most important people in my life will have the opportunity to understand why I love the Indy Mini.


No other race comes close to offering the experiences that are encountered during the Indy Mini. The energetic atmosphere is continuous motivation and running around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a moment that goes unmatched. The rich history and consistency of the event has molded my personal tradition and keeps me coming back each year. This is a must run race!


Monica’s Advice

First off, enjoy the race! Take out your ear buds and listen to the bands that are provided by the course entertainment. People you have never met are rooting for you – embrace it! Maybe a helpful tip, there is an actual bathroom at the track – it’s worth the wait.


Feeling inspired by Monica’s story? If you’re interested in participating in the 2018 OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, click here


Monica, along with our other Ambassadors, will be sharing her training experience and motivation leading up to the race. Follow along and share your experience using #IndyMini on social media!

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