5 Running Movies to Motivate You to the Finish Line

Winter is starting to feel like a long movie that just… won’t… end. So that got us thinking: How can we keep motivating our Indy Mini participants when it’s difficult to get outside and get moving? Movies!


We’re not expert movie critics, but we are fans of anything that motivates, inspires, or encourages our thousands of friends to conquer 13.1 miles. Obviously, we advise you to keep finding ways to move your training forward, but finding the inspiration to keep moving is just as important!


When those remaining winter days return to squash your training spirits, here are five movies that will keep motivating you all the way to May. (click the links to watch trailers)


5. Tracktown (2017)

This indie sports film comes from 2018 Indy Mini participant, Alexi Pappas. The gifted producer, actress, poet, runner, and artist features herself in this coming-of-age sports film. What better motivation than watching a movie where the star (and producer) is an Olympic runner you can meet this May!


4. MacFarland, USA (2015)

A failed football coach turns seven students into a cross-country team. You think running is an individual sport? These guys prove it’s all about teamwork.


3. Turbo (2013)

Turbo is the animated story of a snail with dreams of being fast and racing in the Indy 500. While it’s not really a running movie, the story of pounding the pavement at IMS is a dream come true, and one to relate to. If you’re a fan of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indy Mini, or the month of May in Indianapolis, you’ll love seeing Indy’s iconic venue featured in this Dreamworks production. (A great movie to watch with kids)


2. Race (2016) 

One of the most important running movies in American history, Race is the story of gold medalist Jessie Owens. We all know Owens’ importance to civil rights and equality in sports, specifically in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but this film will inspire you to run fast, simply because you can.


1. Without Limits (1998)

Even though it’s the oldest on the list, Without Limits features a runner-coach relationship focused on distance running. The 1998 biographical film features Steve Prefontaine and his relationship with coach Bill Bowerman, who later co-founded Nike.  What else do we love about this movie? Our good friend Frank Shorter – the first-ever Indy Mini winner and American running icon – makes an appearance in the film.


Do you have your own motivational running movies you think your fellow runners and walkers should watch? Let us know! Comment below or on the social media post to recommend some of your favorites.


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