7 Spectator Strategies For The 2018 Indy Mini

The spectator – participant relationship is pretty special. If you’ve taken on the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in either role, you know that it’s one of the race’s defining features.


When a state’s passion for racing meets Hoosier hospitality, the city of Indianapolis goes from training for a race to training for a month-long lineup of community celebrations.


How do we train? We come together to spectate, celebrate, and make everyone in our city feel welcome.


So, just as the participants have been training, it’s important that spectators are equally prepared. We’ve outlined seven spectator strategies that will be appreciated by Indy Mini participants on May 5:


  1. Personalize Your Cheers

Some participants will have their name on their bib or shirt. Use it! There is extra motivation in knowing that strangers care. Participants will be motivated to uphold your faith in them!

2. Get Creative

Make a poster or a sign that encourages or entertains.

3. Be Interactive

Throw out your hand for a high five or use an engaging sign to bring participants to you.


4. Be Selective

Think about what you wouldn’t want to hear. Cheering “you’re almost there” at mile two probably wouldn’t be applicable or beneficial motivation.


5. Be Funny & Thoughtful

Aim for a smile! If you were digging deep to get through 13.1 miles, wouldn’t you want to hear an occasional joke or clever spur?

6. Plan Your Location

Plan your spectating location using the course map. That way, your participant can know where to expect to see you.


7. Be a Fan of Everyone

Fill in the gaps as needed and be a fan of all passing Indy Mini participants. After all, it’s May in Indianapolis and we’re all part of the celebration.


The Indy Mini is an event that unifies the community. This year, the 500 Festival challenges you to be a part of someone’s Indy Mini story. On May 5, hold up the sign, be the voice, and help cultivate the energy for one of the largest half marathons in the nation.


See you soon, Indy!

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