Meet The Running Rueffs: Ryan and Rob Rueff- 2019 #IndyMini Ambassadors

Name: Ryan Rueff and Rob Rueff
City/Town: Greenwood, Indiana
First year of #IndyMini:  Ryan: 2016   Rob: 2016


Q: What is your favorite #IndyMini memory?

Ryan: My second Mini as I returned from my injury and surgery. Waving to everyone and celebrating my return.

Rob: Going under the speedway and hearing Ryan giggle the entire time


Q: Who or what motivates you the most during training?

Ryan: Having a cold Dr. Pepper after a hard run.

Rob: Ryan


Q: What advice do you have for people considering running the #IndyMini for the first time?

Ryan: Have a great time and be sure to smile the entire time.

Rob: Don’t worry about your time – go out and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ʺgreatest spectacle in running.ʺ


Q: What’s your favorite song to listen to when running?

Ryan: Nothing. I need to concentrate on my surroundings and be alert when running music can be distracting.

Rob: Don’t listen to music – too many other things to concentrate on and need to be alert.


Q: If you were stranded on an island (and had everything necessary to survive), which three items would you also like to have with you?

Ryan: iPod, beyblades, and Dr. Pepper.

Rob: iPhone, Sherlock Holmes books and my Pop-a-Shot.


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