Meet Kevin Anspach- #2019 IndyMini Ambassador

Name: Kevin Anspach
City/Town: Mooresville, Indiana
First year of #IndyMini: 2015


Q: What is your favorite #IndyMini memory?

Running around the track at IMS for the first time. The history that exists on that asphalt motivates me to power through the rest of the miles. Of course, finishing my first #IndyMini after losing 80lbs was unforgettable! It was an incredible, life changing journey for three years, that was complete when I crossed the finish line.


Q: Who or what motivates you the most during training?

My wife has been my support through all of my newest and latest challenges, even though she thinks I’m crazy! I talked her into running her first #IndyMini and am so excited to see her at the finish line! My coach, Michael Winn, has helped me hit my target goals and gave me the knowledge needed to be successful at running. My biggest motivation will always be to stay as healthy as I can, in honor of my father and older brother who passed away too early.


Q: What advice do you have for people considering running the #IndyMini for the first time?

If it scares the heck out of you to sign up, that means you need to do it! Definitely find a good training plan for the pace you want to keep, and do not skip a workout! The couch is not your friend! To fuel your training and keep your body’s performance at it’s peak, find a food regimen that works towards your goals. I personally have been a big fan of the Paleo eating regimen. I don’t consider that a diet, just clean eating. Make sure you have rest days built in to your workout plans. Your body needs that time to recover and stay healthy.


Q: What’s your favorite song to listen to when running?

I generally don’t run with music, unless I am on the treadmill. If I do, it is a workout station on iHeart Radio. When I am running outside I like to take in my surroundings. ( And listen for approaching dogs.. )


Q: If you were stranded on an island (and had everything necessary to survive), which three items would you also like to have with you?

Running shoes, oofos recovery sandals, and lots of sun tan lotion!


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