My Mini Story- Bob Craw

Bob Craw of Louisville, Ky., is an Army Veteran who wanted to get his health back under control after he suffered with his weight for most of his adult life. Bob’s weight was beginning to affect him emotionally, physically and mentally. He tried various methods to lose weight but nothing seemed to work for him and after a while he began losing hope but, he did not give up. Bob began walking and then advanced to jogging and running during his workouts. Later in 2016, Bob took a leap of faith and he decided to participate in the Derby Festival Mini, a half marathon located in his hometown, Louisville, Ky. He completed the entire race without any pain with a time of 3:07.

Completing the Mini had opened a new door for Bob and he continued to run, starting with 1.5 miles and reaching three and four miles after a while. After picking up more races, Bob noticed the weight shed and by the end of 2015, he weighed under 250 pounds for the first time in several years. He lost an incredible total of 75 pounds by 2016. Also by this time, he completed four full marathons and several short distance races. This year, Bob will be participating in the One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon along with thousands of others who also run for a greater purpose. This year’s Mini will be his seventh half marathon and he has set the goal to beat the time 2:07. By sharing his story of how running changed his health for the better, Bob hopes to continue to encourage others to make positive changes in their own lives.

Join Bob on May 4 for the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon! Register online at Online registration will close at 12:01 am ET on April 29 so don’t delay!

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