13 Point 1 Things to Look for During the Indy Mini!

Tips from 9-time finisher and 3-time ambassador, Chris Day

1) Indy Mini Expo – Come early and stay late!  In addition to picking up your bib and shirt, take the time to browse the many vendors and collect all the great freebies throughout!

2) Race Morning Prerace Festivities – Come early, it’s a party in the street with 40,000 new friends!  Get to your corral early and enjoy the festivities!  How many beach balls can you hit?

3) The start line – Don’t forget to start your watch, but then look up!  Who’s that celebrity in the bucket overhead waving the green flag this year?  Then look to your right and SMILE for the cameraman – You’re now on the jumbotron!!

4) The Indianapolis Zoo is on your right during mile 1 – If you’re lucky you can catch a glimpse of the elephants on top of the hill!

5) Play that funky music!  While you still have all this energy, be sure to cheer for the on course entertainment.  Sing, clap, cheer and grab a high five from these folks as you pass by! 

6) Speedway – The town…not the track – You’ll find mile 5 on Speedway’s charming Main Street which greets you with revitalized streetscapes and a booming downtown.  You won’t get this kind of crowd support again until the finish line.

6) IMS Entrance Tunnel – The steepest downhill of the course lasts 20 seconds and is followed by the steepest uphill on the course as you enter the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway!  It’s such a little thing, but get those roller coaster arms in the air and hear the echo of your cheers before you dig deep to push up the steep incline.  The best is yet to come!

7) The Gold Mile – A new and powerful section along the back stretch of IMS pays tribute to the men and women of Indiana who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.   Smile as you reflect on how lucky you are to be doing what you’re doing in that moment.

8) Yard of Bricks – The tradition for the winner of the Indianapolis 500 to kiss the bricks is passed on to you!  Stop and take your turn and smile for the camera man over head. 

9) Celebrity Sighting! – As long as you’re taking a break 7.5 miles in, why not stop and say hello to Channel 13s Dave Calabro and running legend Frank Shorter who broadcast live from this location throughout the morning?  Don’t be afraid to take the selfie!

 10) The Volunteers – From start to finish the race couldn’t happen without these men, women, children and public servants who gave up their Saturday morning to help you reach your goal!  Don’t forget to thank them!

11) Victory Mile – That last mile may feel like a long one, but it’s no longer than each of the previous 12.  Keep your head up and keep smiling.  The IUPUI track and field stadium is on your right where the Indy Eleven play their soccer matches, followed by the world class natatorium where Olympic swimmers and divers have competed for years. 

12) The FINISH Line!  SMILE!  You did it!  The pain is temporary but that finisher photo will last forever.  Arms overhead in the powerful “V” pose!  Now go get the medal and get an official finisher photo!  Oh, and don’t forget that free banana… you earned it!

13) Post Race Party – Whether your post race party includes Michelob Ultra or Chocolate Milk, this is where you’ll find it!  Reconnect with your friends and family and retell the battle stories of your epic morning!

Point 1) SHARE – If you didn’t post it on social media, did it really happen??  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #IndyMini – and while you’re inspiring others, make that commitment to join us again in 2020!