Happy Global Running Day!

The 500 Festival would like to wish all the runners around the world a Happy Global Running Day! We are home to enriching the lives of Hoosiers through several running events for our community. Keeping our community aware of being healthy and fit is why we continue to construct events such as the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, the 500 Festival mini-mini and the Salesforce JPMorgan Chase 500 Festival Rookie Run.

To celebrate, our interns took some fun running spirit to the canal of downtown Indy to cheer on runners and promotes the benefits of running. These runners didn’t let the cloudy skies stop their workouts!

Check out some fun facts and pictures of our celebration below!

Chrissy Casserie, intern

Fun Facts!

  • Running can reduce your chance of heart disease by 30%
  • The Indy Mini has over 35,000 participants each year!
  • The fastest runner in the world is Usain Bolt.
  • Running can increase a person’s concentration levels.
  • 60% of runners listen to music during their run
  • Women made up 56% of all 15.5 million race finishers in 2012, according to Running USA.
Canal Runner

Kids also can participate in running as well at this year’s 500 Festival mini-mni. To find out more information or to register your kid, visit