The mini-mini is Coming in Two Months!

We’re almost two months away from the mini-mini! As the summer activities wind down and your kids return to school, it’s easy to realize how quickly October will be here.  Give your kids the opportunity to experience the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway and kiss the bricks during an Indy Mini experience sized just for them!

Here are a few ways you can prepare your kids for October 5! Share your tips with us on social media by tagging @500Festival and using the hashtag #indyminimini.

  1. Introduce them to healthy eating habits: A well-fueled body will not only be ready to run, but will also be ready for a full day of school and extra-curricular activities. Plus, cooking healthy meals and preparing snacks together in the kitchen is a great way to spend time with your kids!
  2. Get the gear: Who doesn’t love a new pair of running shoes? While back-to-school shopping, pick out a pair of shoes, or a new running shirt, to get them excited to go for a run.
  3. Stay tuned for the shirt and medal reveal: Runners are motivated by a great piece of hardware. Be sure to share with them what they’re working toward when we reveal the participant shirt and finisher medal!
  4. Run with them: Running together is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your kids while introducing them to the sport you love!
  5. Have fun: The most important part to preparing for the mini-mini is to keep things fun! Encourage your kid and listen to their needs as they prepare for their big race.

Online registration for the 2019 mini-mini is now open! This fun run is open to kids ages 5-12, with distances ranging from 0.5 – 2 miles. Join us on October 5 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway- register now!