Apply to be a 2020 Indy Mini Ambassador!

Indy Mini Ambassadors are some of the most loyal participants of our race. A mix of runners and walkers, Ambassadors train, inspire, recruit, and help others get excited about the Indy Mini as they introduce them to the fun of running and walking throughout the spring. Now is your opportunity to partake in this exciting opportunity!

But don’t just take our word from it; hear from some of our awesome ambassadors over the years what their favorite part of the program was:

Lisha (2019)- My favorite thing about being an Ambassador hands down was all the amazing people I have met! From fellow ambassadors to past ambassadors and the 500 Festival staff!! I also met some other inspiring runners just from being active as an ambassador. Nothing beats showing up to races around Indiana and seeing friendly faces that I’ve met from this experience!

April (2018)- The people I met through my time being an ambassador have become like family. Being an ambassador changed my life and gave me more confidence to step out of my comfort zone. The people I was surrounded by helped push me to be a better runner and a better person.

Kirstin (2019)- My favorite thing was sharing the race with others! My mother and aunt even flew in from New Jersey to do their first ever 5k because I was an ambassador!

Jenny (2018, 2019)- Such an amazing experience all around. Representing the absolute, hands-down best half marathon around was such a wonderful opportunity! If I have to pick one thing, it’s the amazing people you meet! Such an amazing opportunity to represent such an amazing race and all the wonderful people I met along the way.

Kevin (2019)- I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Ambassador family and all of the group activities together. I enjoyed the chance to spread the excitement of the Greatest Spectacle in Running and recruit first timers and veterans alike.

Scott (2016)- Getting to meet new people from around the state. Also, getting my picture taken with Meb!

Kyle (2018)- It allowed me to be active in my community through volunteering. I LOVED meeting the people I met through my time as an ambassador. It allowed me to invite friends and family to fun events through 500 Festival and see the smiling faces by those enjoying their time and achieving personal goals!

Danielle (2018, 2019)- Hands down 2018 holds my heart and it helped me build into the 2019 ambassador year. Each year was great in its own way. I met so many amazing individuals within the running community, meeting others along the way of their journey and helping pull them through. The outreach we were able to do with volunteering in the community and the organization just made my love for 500 Festival grow that much more.

Emily (2018)- The program helped me turn my health around, I met so many awesome people, and I was able to encourage so many of my friends to sign up and get involved through running and volunteering!

Monica (2018)- I met some wonderful people that still inspire and motivate me. I also loved encouraging/ inspiring my friends and family to sign up and complete something they didn’t think they could originally do.

Cindy (2019)- I met so many wonderful people by being an ambassador. It was fun interacting with my fellow ambassadors as well as former ones. I was also able to get more involved with the running community. But most importantly, you all made my very first Indy Mini experience one I will never forget.

Sheehan (2018)- I loved meeting so many amazing friends and encouraging / supportive people all working towards common goals in getting the community out there for the Indy Mini! Ultimately creating a healthier community!

Rob (2019)- I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people and being inspired by all of them in one way or another. Looking forward to continued interaction with ambassador alumni now that our term is finished.

Mark (2016)- I was part of the original 13 ambassadors. Chatting with Frank Shorter was very special. Wearing the Mini Ambassador shirt during the races or trading runs leading up to the Mini was also pretty cool. 😎

Applications to be an Indy Mini Ambassador are now open! The deadline to apply is August 26 at 11:59 pm ET. Learn more about the program, including requirements, here. Good luck!

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  1. I would love to be an ambassador. 2020 will be my 6th Indy Mini. This race is what made me fall in love with running. The crowds and the course are the best! I would be honored to be a chearleader for this special event!

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