2020 #IndyMini Ambassador Spotlight: Lisa Herron

Name:  Lisa Herron

Hometown: Greenwood, IN

Year of first #IndyMini:  2012

Fun fact about yourself: I am a power walker.  I have had to learn to own my destiny after multiple knee/foot surgeries.  In 2018, I had two cervical spine (ACDF) surgeries, that has made me listen to my body. Life is a gift. Live each day to the fullest. I am walking for my health. I have lost over 60lb since February 2019, biometrics have lowered through clean eating and exercise. I set a goal of not having to use medication to get healthy. I know genetics are against me, but I have owned it!

Favorite place to walk:  I grew up in Peru, IN.  I love to go home and walk on our farm and the walking trails to relive childhood memories.  I had to give up long distance running after my fifth knee surgery and started power walking.  In 2012, I did six half marathons power walking a 10 min/mile.  Today, my body tells be otherwise, but I am a fabulous 51-year-old! This year I signed up for the Delta Dental 500 Festival 5k 10 days post ACDF neck surgery, and had 19 weeks to go from zero to pavement. I beat my personal goal that day by 3 minutes. I have never felt so empowered in my life as I did that day. 

Advice for first-timers:  My advice is to have good music with a high beat count, use a performance jelly bean/gel for nutrition during the race, get a race fanny pack, and hydrate. I love to cross train with Zumba, Hot Yoga, and going to the gym for weightlifting & treadmill. I have also found having a workout buddy has helped me push harder on my goals. I have a motto that I have chased him since I was 9 years old, what’s one more mile?I do a race a month, and minimally walk 50 miles a week. I track everything I eat and ever mile I walk in fitness trackers.  

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