Gear Up for the Challenge- Helpful Tools to Track Your Miles

Get ready conquer the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge or the Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge! The mileage may seem daunting, but there are many useful tools and resources to help you keep track your physical activity, set daily reminders, share activity to motivate yourself and other challenges, and much more. Check out some helpful tools to crush your mileage below:


  1. Strava is a great tool to log your miles and record physical activity. It can be used to track running, walking, biking, and even swimming. You can also share activity with friends and community. Join the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge and Indianapolis 100 Mile Challenge Strava group to connect with and motivate other challengers!
  2. Runkeeper is also a useful tool for tracking running and cycling. Additional features include the ability to create your own playlists, set goals, and join social challenges.
  3. MapMyRide is a great option for tracking cycling mileage. It provides reliable biking data, allows ride shares, creates social challenges, and provides meal tracking.
  4. Nike + Fuel is also functional tool for tracking biking and running. The app allows you to compete against friends and provides guided exercise routines.
  5. MapMyFitness offers specific tracking options for walking, hiking, dog walking and more.
  6. There are also various apps that provide encouragement and daily reminders such as Human, Carrot Fit, Tep, Charity Miles, and more!

Wearable tools

  1. Smartwatches such as an Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, FitBit, etc., provide useful tools for tracking physical activity such as pedometer step counting, daily reminders, and heart rate monitoring, in addition to tracking specific to your activity.
  2. Pedometers are the original fitness trackers! A simple pedometer to track your steps will let you know how many miles you have earned daily running and walking.

Starting June 22, you can complete your miles and submit them through RunSignUp to rack up your miles toward your 100 mile or 500 mile goal! Still need to register? Don’t wait, both challenges are filling up fast! Register at

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