Add Virtual Badges to Your #IndyVirtualChallenge Finisher Certificate or Bib!

Celebrate milestones as you make your way to the finish line of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge and Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge with our virtual badges! You can post these badges on social media and also add them to your bib and finisher certificate.


Download badges PNGs here.


How to add the badges to your bib or finisher certificate:


On your computer:

  1. Download the png overlay of the virtual badge you want to add
  2. Download your bib or finisher certificate
  3. Drag and drop the badge png on top of your image.
  4.  Scale to preferred size.
  5.  Save image.


On your Android phone:

  1.  Download the png overlay image and save it to your photo gallery
  2.  Open your bib or finisher certificate
  3.  Click on the edit/add sticker button and click “sticker from gallery”
  4.  Choose the Virtual Badge PNG you downloaded and stretch it to fit your image.


On your iPhone:

  1. Download the bib and/or certificate and virtual badges to your camera roll
  2. Download a photo editing app, such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop Express
  3. Follow the instructions from the app you choose to add your virtual badges.


You can also share your badges with us on social media by using #IndyVirtualChallenge! Download badges sized for social media here. We can’t wait to see your pics.


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