500 Festival Princesses are Teaming Up for the #IndyVirtualChallenge

The 2020 500 Festival Princess Program has accepted the #IndyVirtualChallenge! The 2020 500 Festival Princesses have teamed up to conquer the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge as a way to stay physically active and connected with the 500 Festival. Check out a few of our 500 Festival Princesses on their journey to conquering 500 miles below:


Nicole Zellers


I am participating in the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge as a way to push myself to stay active this fall and continue to recover from a knee injury. My motivation to join the challenge is to stay active and compete with my mom to hold each other accountable. Plus, the 500 miles associated with the Indy 500 and the Month of May is a fun bonus. So far, I have completed my miles by walking, swimming, and biking. Biking has been my favorite so far because I can bike for several miles and see a lot of my neighborhood on a trail. I would encourage everyone to take the challenge because it’s a fun way to stay active with a very supportive community surrounding you. My advice to participants is not to be too hard on yourself if you have a period of time where you aren’t able to complete as many miles as normal.



Sydney Meyers

I’m taking on the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge because it’s a great opportunity to still be involved and feel connected with the 500 Festival without the in-person experience in May. All of the 500 Festival Princesses are my motivation! Everyone is so excited and sharing their accomplishments with each other. I have been biking and running to complete my miles, but biking has been my favorite because it is something my dad and I like to do together. My cousin is also taking on the #IndyVirtualChallenge as well. I would encourage someone to take the challenge because it is a fun way to exercise and know that others are doing it with you! To Challenge participants, I would encourage you to find someone to do the challenge with you to keep each other accountable.



Meg Schleter

I’m participating in the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge to “challenge” myself to meet my fitness goals and stay on a schedule. I want to feel healthier and practice healthy habits! My motivation to take on the challenge has changed since signing up. After signing up, I broke my foot and am now non-weight bearing, but I still want to keep up with the challenge and push myself to be able to take on recovery more easily. I’m still able to get my miles in, it just looks different! I have been using an upper body ergo-meter (arm cycling machine) and swimming with my arms to get my miles in and so far, it’s been enjoyable! Swimming is my favorite because I used to be a swimmer in middle school and always had a fun time with it! I look forward to being able to cycle and then eventually run later on this year. Along with the other 500 Festival Princesses, one of my best friends from home is also taking on the challenge with me. I would encourage someone to do the challenge for themselves and for their health! Especially during the difficult time that the world is going through, this challenge can provide you with a fun and health-focused activity. It’s been proven that exercise can make you feel better emotionally as well, and I know I have relied on movement when I feel like I am in a funk. My advice is to make a schedule and stick to it, but also to listen to your body and know when it needs a break. Also, never skip stretching! Something I have implemented is to “reward” myself after I have reached a certain milestone (for me, 100 miles) with something I’ve been wanting to buy or do, which can give you something to look forward to as you are getting started.


Are you up for the challenge? Take on the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge or the Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge today! Registration is open NOW and you can backlog your miles starting on June 22! What are you waiting for? Sign up at: indymini.com/500 miles.

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