Miles Made Together 

Tammy Seitz Sturgeon is conquering the Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge with a very special walking partner.  


As a house manager for Happiness Bag Inc., a recreational and educational oriented facility designed for individuals with disabilities, Tammy is passionate about helping others. She works with two men who have 24-hour staffing, ensuring they have theieveryday needs met, such as medications, hygiene, and more. When Tammy decided to take on the Freedom 100 Mile Challenge to motivate her toward her fitness goals, she invited her friend “J”, whom she cares for, to join her.  



Tammy and “J”, who loves to be outdoors, have been conquering the #IndyVirtualChallenge miles together by walking/rolling. “J” is also a Virtual Special Olympics athlete. The Virtual Special Olympics includes different levels for individuals to participate according to their level of ability. He is rocking the Virtual Special Olympics by walking/rolling meters and participating in ball toss and catch.  



Do you want to join Tammy and “J” in tackling the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge or Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge? Registration is now open and you can even backlog your miles starting on June 22. Register here: miles. 

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