How to Add More Miles to Your Day

Congratulations, you took a giant step for your health by registering for a virtual challenge! There’s no limit to how you can log your miles. However, sometimes life gets in the way and finding time for those extra miles can be a challenge. We’re here to help! Here are some almost effortless ways to sneak in some more miles into your day.

    1. Take a ten minute break from work by going for a walk
    2. Find a free 30 min fitness class on YouTube
    3. Park a few spots away from the entrance when running errands or going out to eat
    4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible
    5. Set your fitness watch or phone to remind you to get up and move once an hour
    6. Recommend fun fitness activities with friends and family, like biking, paddling, hiking and more!
    7. Go for a morning walk with your dog
    8. If in the office, walk to a coworker to ask a quick question instead of sending an IM or email
    9. Power walk through a few extra aisles at the grocery store
    10. Use a smaller cup or bottle for water to sneak some extra steps in for refills!


Good luck and have fun on your virtual challenge!

How to Log #HoosierHoliday Miles

The journey through the holiday season begins and ends in Indiana! #HoosierHoliday Challenge participants can start completing and submitting miles on Nov. 1.

There are two ways to log your miles if you are signed into your RunSignup account:

Through your confirmation email

  • Click “manage your registration”
  • Click “view registration”
  • Click “submit virtual results”

Through your RSU account

  • Sign into your RSU account at
  • Click the profile bottom in the top right corner of the page
  • Click “profile”
  • There, you will see a list of upcoming races that is unique to each participant
  • Click “submit virtual results” under the Indy 500 Mile Challenge or Freedom 100 Mile Challenge

If you are not signed into your account

  • Go to the race website:
  • Click “results”
  • Click “Submit virtual results”
  • Look up a participant by first name/last name OR by email/DOB
  • You will be directed to authorize results by either entering the email or last four digits of the phone number were use when the participant first registered

If you receive a locked out message

  • If a participant gets an error that says they are locked out, it means that they have set up their RunSignup account so that they can only log miles when they are logged in. i.e.: cannot log miles by following the steps of #2
  • They will need to log in through one of the ways in #1, and get to their mileage log page.
  • From there, they can unclick the box that says “Only allow me to post results when logged in as…”

Once a participant has accessed their mileage log for the first time, it is highly recommended that the page be bookmarked for easy access over the coming months. You can learn how to add a website bookmark to your phone’s home screen for Android or iPhone.

Hoosier Holiday Challenge Social Media Toolkit

The journey through the holiday season begins and ends in Indiana! Conquer your fitness goals, maximize your motivation, and give back with the 500 Festival’s newest virtual fitness challenge – the Hoosier Holiday Challenge, presented by Khamis Fine Jewelers, benefitting Gleaners! You’ve accepted a major challenge, now let the world know it! Our social media toolkit is filled with resources to help you promote your challenge and stay motivated on your goal.


Click here to access our library of images you can post on your social media channels


How to download social media shareables from Dropbox
1. Click the link to the Dropbox folder filled with images (you do not need a dropbox account)
2. Select the photo you want to download
3. Right click the photo OR click the three dots button
4. Select “save photo as” or download


How to add a frame to your Facebook profile pic
1. Go to
2. Search for “2020 Hoosier Holiday Challenge” or “2020 Round Trip Challenge”
3. Select the frame and reposition your photo if necessary
4. Select the time you would like for it to remain your profile pic
5. Push “Use As My Profile Pic”


Don’t forget to join the participant Facebook group and share your journey on social media using #HoosierHoliday!