How to Add More Miles to Your Day

Congratulations, you took a giant step for your health by registering for a virtual challenge! There’s no limit to how you can log your miles. However, sometimes life gets in the way and finding time for those extra miles can be a challenge. We’re here to help! Here are some almost effortless ways to sneak in some more miles into your day.

    1. Take a ten minute break from work by going for a walk
    2. Find a free 30 min fitness class on YouTube
    3. Park a few spots away from the entrance when running errands or going out to eat
    4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible
    5. Set your fitness watch or phone to remind you to get up and move once an hour
    6. Recommend fun fitness activities with friends and family, like biking, paddling, hiking and more!
    7. Go for a morning walk with your dog
    8. If in the office, walk to a coworker to ask a quick question instead of sending an IM or email
    9. Power walk through a few extra aisles at the grocery store
    10. Use a smaller cup or bottle for water to sneak some extra steps in for refills!


Good luck and have fun on your virtual challenge!

How to Log #HoosierHoliday Miles

The journey through the holiday season begins and ends in Indiana! #HoosierHoliday Challenge participants can start completing and submitting miles on Nov. 1.

There are two ways to log your miles if you are signed into your RunSignup account:

Through your confirmation email

  • Click “manage your registration”
  • Click “view registration”
  • Click “submit virtual results”

Through your RSU account

  • Sign into your RSU account at
  • Click the profile bottom in the top right corner of the page
  • Click “profile”
  • There, you will see a list of upcoming races that is unique to each participant
  • Click “submit virtual results” under the Indy 500 Mile Challenge or Freedom 100 Mile Challenge

If you are not signed into your account

  • Go to the race website:
  • Click “results”
  • Click “Submit virtual results”
  • Look up a participant by first name/last name OR by email/DOB
  • You will be directed to authorize results by either entering the email or last four digits of the phone number were use when the participant first registered

If you receive a locked out message

  • If a participant gets an error that says they are locked out, it means that they have set up their RunSignup account so that they can only log miles when they are logged in. i.e.: cannot log miles by following the steps of #2
  • They will need to log in through one of the ways in #1, and get to their mileage log page.
  • From there, they can unclick the box that says “Only allow me to post results when logged in as…”

Once a participant has accessed their mileage log for the first time, it is highly recommended that the page be bookmarked for easy access over the coming months. You can learn how to add a website bookmark to your phone’s home screen for Android or iPhone.

Hoosier Holiday Challenge Social Media Toolkit

The journey through the holiday season begins and ends in Indiana! Conquer your fitness goals, maximize your motivation, and give back with the 500 Festival’s newest virtual fitness challenge – the Hoosier Holiday Challenge, presented by Khamis Fine Jewelers, benefitting Gleaners! You’ve accepted a major challenge, now let the world know it! Our social media toolkit is filled with resources to help you promote your challenge and stay motivated on your goal.


Click here to access our library of images you can post on your social media channels


How to download social media shareables from Dropbox
1. Click the link to the Dropbox folder filled with images (you do not need a dropbox account)
2. Select the photo you want to download
3. Right click the photo OR click the three dots button
4. Select “save photo as” or download


How to add a frame to your Facebook profile pic
1. Go to
2. Search for “2020 Hoosier Holiday Challenge” or “2020 Round Trip Challenge”
3. Select the frame and reposition your photo if necessary
4. Select the time you would like for it to remain your profile pic
5. Push “Use As My Profile Pic”


Don’t forget to join the participant Facebook group and share your journey on social media using #HoosierHoliday!

Mastering the Miles

Meet the Masters Walkers! This paw-some Challenge Team is taking on the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge, presented by Clif Bar, benefitting the 500 Festival, with some furry friends. Five years ago, this group of women met in a dog training class. Their friendship blossomed over a shared love of dogs, wine and good food. After completing the beginning, intermediate and advanced dog training classes, these women formed the Masters Class.



The group began walking together in March as a way to do something social, while also staying distant and safe. When the group heard about the #IndyVirtualChallenge, they decided it would keep them even more accountable and consistent. Each day, they continue to motivate each other and encourage each other to challenge themselves to increase their distance. They continue to work toward their goal despite the summertime rain, heat and humidity. Some walks are shorter than others, but miles are miles! Unfortunately, one member injured her foot and has been temporarily unable to walk. However, the Masters Walkers are such wonderful friends that the rest of the group are walking her dogs until she can return.


For the Masters Walkers, the best part of the #IndyVirtualChallenge has been their continued comradery. The women all find things to enjoy with each walk. The group has become especially adept at spotting wildlife on their walks. Eagles, deer, foxes, rabits, and geese- the Masters Walkers have seen it all! Another way this group keeps their walks exciting is by choosing a new place to walk and explore on the weekends. The dogs have even come to grow a friendship of their own, stopping to wait on the slower pups or running to greet their friends.

During a time when social interaction can be difficult, the #IndyVirtualChallenge has given the Masters Walkers and their dogs a way to stay connected, be physically active, and have some fun!



Registration for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge, presented by Clif Bar, benefiting the 500 Festival, is now open. Move your body, crush your goals, and conquer 500 miles with us!

Complete a dog walking activity this week and earn this paw-some virtual badge!

Indy 500 Mile Challenge Badges

Your miles deserve to be celebrated! Indy 500 Mile Challenge participants receive badges as they hit certain distances or submit certain activities.


Distance badges, 500 Mile Challenge:

  • 5 Miles
  • 1 Miles
  • 104 Miles
  • 270 Miles
  • 500 Miles

Distance badges, 100 Mile Challenge:

  • 5 Miles
  • 1 Miles
  • 100 Miles

Activity badges, accrued after 2 miles of activity is submitted:

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Bike
  • Swim
  • Hike
  • Pedometer
  • Exercise Class
  • 500 Festival Virtual Race

Participants can view their badges inside their personal trophy case. How to access:


  1. Search your name on the results page: sure you’re searching under your event – 100 or 500 Mile Challenge. You can select the event from the drop down.

  1. On your personal results, you can view your current badges. If you have received more than 2, you can use the arrows to scroll and see others.

  1. You can click “trophy case” to see all badges you have received, and how many you have left!


Register for the #IndyVirtualChallenge and start earning your virtual badges today! Visit to get started.



How Clif Bar Conquers the #IndyVirtualChallenge

The 500 Festival is so excited to have Clif Bar as the presenting partner of the 2020 Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge! Participants from all over the world have taken on the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge, presented by Clif Bar, benefitting the 500 Festival, to conquer 500 miles of physical activity now until Dec. 31, 2020. Some Clif Bar team members are even getting in on the fun and accepting the #IndyVirtualChallenge! Check out some of the incredible Clif Bar team participants below: 


Ben Hall – Reliability Engineer

With all of my planned summer and fall races cancelled or moving to virtual, it’s hard to stay motivated to train as hard as I would have for an in-person race.  The Indy 500 Mile Challenge is a great way to stay motivated to log some miles. Running is my favorite way to complete miles but lately I have also been getting into mountain biking at a few of the trails around town.


Clif supports our fitness in a ton of ways.  I get free entries to so many races a year that I sometimes struggle to find enough other races to use up my athletic stipend (I’ve always managed to use it up though).  I’ve also gotten to run some of the larger marathons with the support of Clif Bar including Boston twice and NYC. 


To help me conquer my #IndyVirtualChallenge, I’ve been eating a lot of cinnamon roll Z-bars before I head out for a run! 


Dave Tintelnot – General Manager


I am participating in the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge, presented by Clif Bar, benefitting the 500 Festival, to stay active during this crazy year. It is a good way to stay motivated and keep training up. Running is my happy place, so that is definitely my favorite way to complete my miles.  


Clif Bar supports our health and fitness by giving each employee an athletic stipend each year to pay for entry fees into races. Also, all Clif Bar locations have gyms onsite.


To help fuel my #IndyVirtualChallenge, I love Clif Bloks Tropical Punch and Clif Bar Peanut Banana and Dark Chocolate, made right here in Indianapolis. 


Rebecca Leary – Community Project Coordinator


My husband, Shawn, and I are both participating in the #IndyVirtualChallenge because it’s good motivation to be active through the rest of the year and it’s also a good reason to get out of the house. Our daughter was born in March so she can also participate by going on walks with us. Though she really just likes napping during our walks, adding a little resistance training by pushing the stroller.


Clif Bar encourages employees to be active in many ways. They encourage us to participate in Wellness Challenges and provide many race entries.


I love the Kid ZBars as a snack to keep going throughout the day. My husband eats a Clif Bar for breakfast every morning because it gives him sustained energy for the day.


Ted Maslanka – Sanitation Manager

I am participating in the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge, presented by Clif Bar, benefitting the 500 festival, because It felt like it would be something positive to do in 2020.  It has been surprising, once I started tracking, how active life is on a daily basis.    


 Individually, I like tracking miles while kayak fishing on water.  I do miss the excitement of participating in live events, but I’ve also enjoyed setting goals and accomplishing virtual events, like the 500 Festival virtual races, on my own time.  Getting outdoors and hiking isn’t anything new, but is an activity I appreciate completing with my wife, the kids, and my dog.        


Fitness and healthy lifestyle, of all kinds, is a large part of the culture at Clif Bar.  There is a lot of positive camaraderie, encouragement, and support at Clif Bar Baking Company in Indianapolis.  


I have two favorites Clif products that help to fuel my #IndyVirtualChallenge: Clif Bar Peanut Butter Banana Dark Chocolate and Clif Bar Nuts and Seeds.


 Your #IndyVirtualChallenge miles aren’t just for the summer! Register today for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge, presented by Clif Bar, benefitting the 500 Festival, or the Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge, and complete your miles through December 31, 2020. Learn more at  

Clif Bar launches "Make It Good" advertising campaign | 2019-05-22 ...

Clif Bar Brings the Fuel For Your Miles 

The 500 Festival is thrilled to have Clif Bar as the presenting partner of the 2020 Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge! The Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge, presented by Clif Bar, benefitting the 500 Festival, is a virtual program where participants will complete 500 miles of physical activity from now until Dec. 31, 2020. Participants can complete their mileage in a number of ways, such as running, walking, wheelchair, swimming, cycling, fitness classes and more. 

Clif Bar offers a variety of organic, plant-based energy products to drive performance the perfect fuel to crush your #IndyVirtualChallenge miles! Looking for a pre-workout snack with sustained energy to get you going? Try the original Clif Bar! For quick energy to keep you going during a workout, grab a Clif Shot or Clif Bloks. To build and repair muscles post-workout, go for the Clif Builder’s Bar. There’s a Clif product for all of your #IndyVirtualChallenge needs!

Clif Bars make the Indy 500 Mile Challenge even better! Just ask 500 Festival Running Ambassador and Special Olympics Athlete Andrew Peterson. 

Registration for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge, presented by Clif Bar, benefitting the 500 Festival is now open! Show us which Clif Bar products fuel your challenge on social media by using #IndyVirtualChallenge.  

Staying Cool for the Summer  

As sweet as summertime is, the summer months can also bring some serious heat. Hot temperatures and humidity can be challenging for outdoor activity, especially running or walking. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, outdoor exercise may be Check out some of these helpful tips to beat the heat and crush those #IndyVirtualChallenge miles!


Man Running on Side of Road


Get out when the temperatures are cool  

Long summer days can be extremely hot. However, mornings and evenings tend to be more generous with cooler temperatures. Try getting your activity completed in the early morning hours or after sunset for some relief from the summer heat. Be sure to check your local news or favorite weather app to be aware of changing temps or incoming storms! 


Wear loose fitting, light colored gear 


Wearing loose gear, such as synthetic fabric, that doesn’t hug your body can allow a breeze to cool you off while exercising in the heat. Light colors can reflect the sun away from your body, rather than absorbing it. 


Hydration, hydration, hydration 

Perhaps the most important key to beating the summer heat is staying hydrated. Hydration is essential for combating the summer sun, especially when exercising.  It is important to remember to stay hydrated before, during, and after your physical activity. Try drinking at least 8 ounces of water or sport drink every hour before exercising. You may also want to consider bringing fluids with you on your run or walk with a water belt or pouch. If you prefer not to carry fluids, consider stashing water bottles along your route or stopping at water fountains. Check out Runner’s World hydration page for more helpful tips.  


Thirsty man drinking water during training in park


Run near water, in the grass or in the shade  

Bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and oceans can create a cool, slight breeze to cool you off while exercising. Running or walking in the grass or in the shade can also help conquer the heat. Asphalt tends to retain heat and radiate it back upward, sweltering you in the summer heat.  


Smear the sunscreen  

Sunscreen is a must in the summertime. Not only does sunscreen combat harmful ultraviolet rays, but can also keep your skin and body temperature low. SPF 30 or higher is recommended, even on overcast days!  

 Adjust your pace  

Though it may not be preferable, adjusting your pace could be necessary. Every five-degree rise in temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit can slow your pace up to 20 to 30 seconds per mile. If you’re a runner, you also might want to consider mixing in some walking to cool off.  


 Your #IndyVirtualChallenge miles aren’t just for the summer! Register today for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge, presented by Clif Bar, benefitting the 500 Festival, or the Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge, and complete your miles through December 31, 2020. Learn more at  

Take a Hike!

What’s your favorite way to conquer your #IndyVirtualChallenge miles? Try going for a hike! Hiking is a fun and unique way to see some of the world’s most beautiful places while staying physically active. Enjoy the outdoors with friends and family while safely practicing social distancing. Check out some of the top hiking spots in Indiana and the United States for all to enjoy!  

Indiana Hiking Spots 

  • Clifty Falls, Hoffman Falls, Tunnel Falls –Clifty Falls State Park  
  • Cowles Bog Trail- Indiana Dune National Park  
  • Hemlock Cliffs National Scenic Trail -Hoosier National Forest  
  • Turkey Run -Turkey Run State Park  
  • Three Lakes Trail – Morgan Monroe State Forest 

National Hiking Spots 

  • Alabama- Stephens Gap  
  • Alaska- Thunderbird Falls Trail  
  • Arizona- Navajo National Monument  
  • Arkansas- Falls Branch Trail 
  • California- San Clemente Beach Trail  
  • Colorado- Manitou Springs  
  • Connecticut- Tunix Trail  
  • Delaware- Cape Henlopen State Park 
  • Florida- Little Talbot Island 
  • Georgia- Three Forks at Long Creek Falls 
  • Hawaii: Papakolea Beach  
  • Idaho: Mineral Ridge Loop 
  • Illinois- Starved Rock State Park  
  • Indiana- Turkey Run State Park 
  • Iowa- Wildcar Den State Park 
  • Kansas- Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve 
  • Kentucky- Raven’s Run Trail  
  • Louisiana- Louisiana State Arboretum Trail, Chicot State Park  
  • Maine: Moxie Falls, Moxie Gore 
  • Maryland: Billy Goat Trail 
  • Massachusetts: Bash Bish Falls, Mount Greylock Reservation  
  • Michigan: Grand Haven Waterfront Trail 
  • Minnesota- The Oberg Mountain Loop 
  • Mississippi- CCC Camp Trail 
  • Missouri- Drover’s Trail, Prairie State Park  
  • Montana- Woods Gulch  
  • Nebraska- Cowboy Trail 
  • Nevada- White Domes Loop Trail 
  • New Hampshire: West Rattlesnake Mountain  
  • New Jersey- Van Campens Glen, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area 
  • New Mexico- The Jemez Falls Area  
  • New York- Watkings Glen State Park  
  • North Carolina- Crabtree Falls Loop Trail 
  • North Dakota- Prairie Dog Town Trail 
  • Ohio- Hebron Trail, Ohio Canal Greenway  
  • Oklahoma- Bugle Trail at Osage Hills State Park, Pawhuska  
  • Oregon- Sweet Creek Trail  
  • Pennsylvania- Bushkill Falls, Stroudsburg 
  • Rhode Island- Colt State Park, Bristol 
  • South Carolina- Woods Bay State Park  
  • South Dakota- Good Earth State Park  
  • Tennessee- Laurel Falls  
  • Texas- Lost Maples State Natural Area East Trail, Vanderpool 
  • Utah- Lower Emerald Pools Trail, Zion National Park  
  • Vermont- Stowe Pinnacle Trail 
  • Virginia- White Oak Canyon  
  • Washington- Naches Peak Loop 
  • West Virginia- Babcock State Park 
  • Wisconsin- Peninsula State Park  
  • Wyoming- Beauty Lake Trail


When you complete a hike activity of at least two miles this week, you’ll also earn this awesome Take a Hike badge!


Do you know someone who wants to join you in tacking the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge or Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge? Registration is now OPEN! Conquer the #IndyVirtualChallenge together and register today at miles. 

Miles Made Together 

Tammy Seitz Sturgeon is conquering the Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge with a very special walking partner.  


As a house manager for Happiness Bag Inc., a recreational and educational oriented facility designed for individuals with disabilities, Tammy is passionate about helping others. She works with two men who have 24-hour staffing, ensuring they have theieveryday needs met, such as medications, hygiene, and more. When Tammy decided to take on the Freedom 100 Mile Challenge to motivate her toward her fitness goals, she invited her friend “J”, whom she cares for, to join her.  



Tammy and “J”, who loves to be outdoors, have been conquering the #IndyVirtualChallenge miles together by walking/rolling. “J” is also a Virtual Special Olympics athlete. The Virtual Special Olympics includes different levels for individuals to participate according to their level of ability. He is rocking the Virtual Special Olympics by walking/rolling meters and participating in ball toss and catch.  



Do you want to join Tammy and “J” in tackling the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge or Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge? Registration is now open and you can even backlog your miles starting on June 22. Register here: miles.