Test the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill at Franciscan CityWay

Wish you could train without the impact on your knees and joints? Our partners at Franciscan Health are featuring their AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill at the Franciscan CityWay location in downtown Indianapolis, and it’s easy to test it out.


What is the AlterG? 


The patented NASA technology provides up to 80 percent body weight support to reduce the stress and strain on your body. The technology allows you to train through minor injuries, run without discomfort, and burn more calories by going faster and farther than you normally can.


How Can I Use It?


The Franciscan CityWay location offers one-hour private sessions, complete with a licensed physical therapist to help coach you on the equipment and get the most out of your workout. Call (317)-528-6804 or click the link below to learn more.


Learn More About the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill at Franciscan CityWay


While your training for the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to put your joints at ease, increase your distance, and reduce the impact of those long training runs!

Franciscan Health’s Weather Training Tips

Hang in there, Central Indiana. It feels like the second or third time winter has returned, but May is undeniable. While cold temps have taken over, the promise of spring is around the corner, waiting to ignite your Indy Mini training and rejuvenate your body into a 13.1-mile mindset.


Our partners at Franciscan Health share their tips for what to wear when training in different conditions. As you manage mother nature’s unpredictability the next eight weeks, stick to these tips for the right training gear at the right time.


Franciscan Health’s Weather Training Tips

Franciscan’s Indy Mini Guide to Athlete Nutrition

You’re at the turn of the spring and you’re starting to feel your commitment set in. Just a few more weeks separate you from the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, and you’re heading to the fridge. What do you eat?


There are thousands of participants out there with different training programs, fitness routines, or the “best” way to get 13.1-ready. All of which might produce different results, but results nonetheless.


What about your diet? One thing we know for sure is that eating your medal isn’t healthy snack. Well, until this year. (2018 medal design)


Whether you’re walking 13.1 miles in just under four hours or breaking the tape a touch over 60 minutes, our general eating habits don’t need to be overcomplicated. That’s why our trusted partners at Franciscan Health are here to help silence the diet fads and put the food myths to rest.


No crazy diets. No brutal workouts. Just a simple guide to what, when, and how you should be eating in order to train your best and perform like the athlete you are.


Have your own plan in place? Then stick to it!


Don’t have a plan? Click the button below to find some basic athlete nutrition help.

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