96 Years and 100 Miles

We have been overwhelmed with the positive response we have received about the newly launch Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge and Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge! It’s been so inspiring to see everyone’s personal journey to their 100 mile or 500 mile goal.


Our participants come from across the globe and are a full range of ages. Each one has their own reasoning for joining, from needing some extra fitness motivation during the COVID-19 pandemic to some friendly virtual competition between loved ones they have been separated from.


At 96 years old, our oldest participant, Phyllis Hart, is also grandmother to the 500 Festival’s Jen Lowe!  Phyllis is ready to take on this new virtual challenge and got excited when she learned of this opportunity. Her retirement community was thrilled for when they learned she was the oldest participant and are cheering on their impressive neighbor.



“All my life I have tried to walk,” said Phyllis. My late husband and I use to walk around our neighborhood or at the mall often.  As years progressed, I’ve been a member of the YMCA and attended classes at our local senior center which offered me the opportunity to have exercises specifically tailored towards those my age and work out with my peers.”


Check out what Phyllis has to say about this new fitness experience!


What made you interested in joining the virtual challenge?


I thought the virtual challenge sounded interesting.  My daughter, granddaughter-in-law, and granddaughter (who works for the 500 Festival) were all doing one of the challenges and I wanted to join them.  I wanted to have another achievement to strive for.  And, I thought it would be helpful for me to have something positive to focus on during these times.


What’s your favorite way to exercise/get your miles in?


My preferred exercise would be to take a walk outside when it’s not too hot.  It feels so good to be outside moving around.  In addition to walking, I do the stationary bike for ½ a mile daily and attend a seniors exercise class 3 times a week where we do a variety of exercises and stretching.  I don’t have a set schedule so it’s not rigid but does prioritize exercise.


What advice would you give other participants to encourage them toward their goal?


Do something every day!  Don’t overdo it and know your capacity.  But do something every day.


Join us in cheering on Phyllis as she works toward her goal of 100 miles! She’s started her journey and intends to keep powering through until the end of the year.


“I’ve already started tracking my miles and got a new pedometer to help me keep on top of it.  It’s nice to look at my daily progress and see where the differences are and what I’ve accomplished.  I estimate that I will reach my 100 miles in 2-3 months.  I plan to keep going even after I’m passed my 100 miles until the end of the year.  I didn’t want to sign up for the 500-mile goal as I thought it might be a bit much for me, but you never know where the road will take you.  I’ll keep exercising and we’ll see.”


Interested in participating in the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge or the Freedom 100 Mile Challenge? Registration is open NOW and you can even backlog your miles starting on June 22! Sign up today at indymini.com/500 miles.


Meet Our BRAND-NEW Virtual Challenge! 🌟 

Have you heard the exciting news? We launched the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge and the Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge, the latest 500 Festival initiative to encourage active lifestyles outside of the Month of May! The Indy 500 Mile Challenge is a virtual program where participants will complete 500 miles of physical activity between June 22 and December 31, 2020. 

If you’re not quite ready to take on 500 miles, you also have the option to complete 100 miles of physical activity during the same timeframe in the Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge.  

How To Complete Your Challenge:
  1. Register for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge or the Freedom 100 Mile Challenge
  2. Receive your confirmation email with invites to our leader board, Strava group, private Facebook group, online resources, referral program
  3. Start logging miles on June 22
  4. View our custom leader board. You’ll be able to rank yourself against your friends and other runners from around the United States.
  5. Challenge your friends and family to take on the Indy 500 Mile Challenge by creating a Challenge Team!
  6. Receive your participant swag (shirt, medal, pin and other items)
  7. Finish the challenge stronger than you ever thought you could.
Ready to Take on the Challenge? 👟 

The Indy 500 Mile virtual challenge lets you log your mileage anytime, anywhere! Participants can log miles by running, walking, wheelchair, biking, swimming, and even through fitness classes! This virtual fitness experience allows participants to challenge themselves in a fun, new way. Whether spending these months cross-training for your next OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon or need to jump-start your fitness routine, this challenge is the perfect enhancement for all ages and lifestyles.

Join us for this exciting new high-mileage adventure– the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge! 🏁 Participants can register for the Indy 500 Challenge and Freedom 100 Challenge starting today and participation will be limited to the first 8,000 registered participants.  

We Are Here to Cheer YOU On!

Whether you are completing the miles with friends and family for fun or setting fitness goals for 2020, we are here to cheer you on and support you every step along the way!  Bookmark this page to keep up with fitness journey running tips and be a part of this brand-new virtual fitness challenge with race fans from all over the world.

We Know You Have What It Takes

We hope you will join us for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge and the Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge, the second greatest spectacle in racing! 


How to Log Your #IndyVirtualChallenge Miles

The Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge and Indianapolis Freedom 100 Challenge has officially begun! Participants can log their miles into RunSignUp from June 22 until December 31. Need some help getting started? Read below how you can log your miles!

There are two ways to log your miles if you are signed into your RunSignup account:

Through your confirmation email

    • Click “manage your registration”
    • Click “view registration”
    • Click “submit virtual results”

Through your RSU account

      • Sign into your RSU account at runsignup.com
      • Click the profile bottom in the top right corner of the page
      • Click “profile”
      • There, you will see a list of upcoming races that is unique to each participant
      • Click “submit virtual results” under the Indy 500 Mile Challenge or Freedom 100 Mile Challenge

If you are not signed into your account

        • Go to the race website:
        • Click “results”
        • Click “Submit virtual results”
        • Look up a participant by first name/last name OR by email/DOB
        • You will be directed to authorize results by either entering the email or last four digits of the phone number were use when the participant first registered

If you receive a locked out message

          • If a participant gets an error that says they are locked out, it means that they have set up their RunSignup account so that they can only log miles when they are logged in. i.e.: cannot log miles by following the steps of #2
          • They will need to log in through one of the ways in #1, and get to their mileage log page.
          • From there, they can unclick the box that says “Only allow me to post results when logged in as…”

Once a participant has accessed their mileage log for the first time, it is highly recommended that the page be bookmarked for easy access over the coming months. You can learn how to add a website bookmark to your phone’s home screen for Android or iPhone.

Gear Up for the Challenge- Helpful Tools to Track Your Miles

Get ready conquer the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge or the Indianapolis Freedom 100 Mile Challenge! The mileage may seem daunting, but there are many useful tools and resources to help you keep track your physical activity, set daily reminders, share activity to motivate yourself and other challenges, and much more. Check out some helpful tools to crush your mileage below:


  1. Strava is a great tool to log your miles and record physical activity. It can be used to track running, walking, biking, and even swimming. You can also share activity with friends and community. Join the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge and Indianapolis 100 Mile Challenge Strava group to connect with and motivate other challengers!
  2. Runkeeper is also a useful tool for tracking running and cycling. Additional features include the ability to create your own playlists, set goals, and join social challenges.
  3. MapMyRide is a great option for tracking cycling mileage. It provides reliable biking data, allows ride shares, creates social challenges, and provides meal tracking.
  4. Nike + Fuel is also functional tool for tracking biking and running. The app allows you to compete against friends and provides guided exercise routines.
  5. MapMyFitness offers specific tracking options for walking, hiking, dog walking and more.
  6. There are also various apps that provide encouragement and daily reminders such as Human, Carrot Fit, Tep, Charity Miles, and more!

Wearable tools

  1. Smartwatches such as an Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, FitBit, etc., provide useful tools for tracking physical activity such as pedometer step counting, daily reminders, and heart rate monitoring, in addition to tracking specific to your activity.
  2. Pedometers are the original fitness trackers! A simple pedometer to track your steps will let you know how many miles you have earned daily running and walking.

Starting June 22, you can complete your miles and submit them through RunSignUp to rack up your miles toward your 100 mile or 500 mile goal! Still need to register? Don’t wait, both challenges are filling up fast! Register at indymini.com/500miles.