Virtual #IndyMini FAQ
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Virtual #IndyMini FAQ

Virtual Race

When can I complete and log my miles?

How does the virtual race work?

Will my virtual race finish time be posted online?

Is my virtual race time still official?

Can I still run, walk or wheel my virtual race on the Indy Mini course?

Participant Mailing

What will I receive in my mailing?

How will I know if my items have shipped?

Can I exchange my shirt?

Why does my friend or family member have different items in their participant mailing?

Mile Logging

When can I log my miles?

How do I log my miles?

I've registered, why am I not showing up on the app?

Is there a help guide for the new Indy Mini app?

How do I track others?

How do I share my tracking link?

I forgot to complete my miles using the app, how can I add them?

How do I sync the Indy Mini app with Strava?

I'm completing the Mega Mini or Greatest Spectacle Challenge, how do I record both with the Indy Mini app?

Can I complete my miles with the new Indy Mini app on a treadmill or indoor track?

I don't think my Indy Mini or 5K results are correct, can they be edited?

Do I have to log my miles?

Can I log my miles without the app?

Groups and Teams

Who can make a group or team?

What types of groups or teams are there?

How do I create or join a team?

I've already registered, how do I create or join a team?

What are the benefits to being an official Indy Mini Employee Wellness Challenge Team?

How do I make sure only certain people join my group or team?

Can I be on more than one team?

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