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Ambassador Program

2021 Ambassador App.
2021 Ambassador App.
If you're one of the biggest fans of the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, and you're proud of the history and tradition of one of the nation's most iconic races, then apply to serve as a 2021 #IndyMini Ambassador!

Indy Mini Ambassadors are some of the most loyal participants of our race. A mix of runners, walkers and wheel chair participants, Ambassadors train, inspire, recruit, and help others get excited about the Indy Mini as they introduce them to the fun of running and walking throughout the spring. If the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon is your favorite race, apply to be an ambassador to share your love for the Indy Mini, and earn some pretty sweet perks while you do it!

How do I apply?

Click the button below to complete the online application. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The 2021 #IndyMini Ambassador application process is open Tuesday, September 8 - Sunday, September 27, 2020 (11:59 pm ET). All applicants will be notified of their application status via email by October 31, 2020.

Click HERE to apply!

What will I do as an #IndyMini Ambassador?

As an Indy Mini Ambassador, you will be the face of the Greatest Spectacle in Running! You will help to build the hype leading up to the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon through your social platforms and within your network of friends and family. You'll promote 2021 Indy Mini registrations and inspire others to participate in the race. You will be an advocate of the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in your community and online. You'll also earn awesome rewards and become part of our community of #IndyMini Ambassadors (past and present) - a diverse group of participants of all abilities (runners, walkers, wheel participants, first timers, super experienced) that offer encouragement, inclusivity, motivation, inspiration, group runs, and get togethers (did someone say post-race brunch?!).

Perks of Being an Ambassador

As an Indy Mini Ambassador, you will receive some awesome perks!

  • One (1) free registration for the 2021 OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon
  • One (1) free registration for the 2021 500 Festival Miler Series, presented by OrthoIndy
  • Free Indy Mini Ambassador Race Kit, including Indy Mini merchandise, apparel, etc.
  • Lifelong friends and connections within the fitness community
  • A private Facebook group available only to all current Indy Mini ambassadors, created for you all to share tips, advice, and plan meetups
  • Some extra surprises along the way

Ambassador Requirements

  • Must recruit 10 or more individuals to participate in this year’s race
  • Must be outgoing, engaging, and enthusiastic about the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon and some type of physical activity (running, jogging, walking, wheelchair racing, etc.) - ALL LEVELS!
  • Must promote the #IndyMini via your PUBLIC social media accounts and advocate for the 500 Festival in a positive and appropriate way
  • Must participate in the 2021 OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon
  • Must wear OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon gear at local events and community activities to promote the race
  • Must complete one volunteer session for the 500 Festival Volunteer Program, presented by Citizens Energy Group
  • Must be willing to distribute race materials in your community, work place, local gyms, and other healthy lifestyle organizations
  • Must become well-versed in all things Indy Mini, including but not limited to: registration, expo, packet pickup, the course, race weekend timeline, pit stations, start and finish line, corrals, waves, etc.
  • Must attend virtual Ambassador meetings hosted by the 500 Festival
  • Must provide Digital Marketing Manager with an Indy Mini photo and complete a Q&A for Indy Mini Ambassador Spotlight blog posts.
  • Must be willing to engage with participants, answer questions and communicate in the 2021 Indy Mini First Timers Facebook Group
  • Must write at least one guest post for the Indy Mini blog on a topic related to running/walking/jogging/wheelchair racing, tips and/or race training
  • Must perform 2 outreaches (virtual or in your community) to promote the Indy Mini and recruit participants. Provide Digital Marketing Manager with photos and outreach recap so we can brag about your hard work.
Apply today to be an #IndyMini Ambassador and share your passion for the race and running/walking/wheelchair racing, and get great perks for The Greatest Spectacle in Running!

Questions? Email

Application Timeline & Details

Applications for the 2021 #IndyMini Ambassador Program are open until Sunday, September 27, 2020 (11:59 pm ET)! Ambassadors will be selected and notified in October 2020.

Apply Today
Indy Mini Ambassadors are some of the most enthusiastic, passionate participants of the Greatest Spectacle in Running. This diverse group of participants represent all ages, locations, abilities, experience levels and physical activity (running, walking, jogging, wheel chair racing, biking, swimming - you name it). Ambassadors train, inspire, recruit, and help others get excited about the Indy Mini and inspire participation from EVERYONE.

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2020 Ambassadors

Kellie Adams
As a new mommy and dedicated public servant, Kellie always makes sure to find time to run. The benefits of running provide a great sense of well-being and balance to the new Mom who is trying to "do it all". For Kellie, training for races is even better with a friend!

Kevin Anspach
Kevin is a thrill seeking, road running, trail running, obstacle course racer! To Kevin, age is just a number. "Your body and mind are capable of anything with the right attitude!"

Crystal Benes
Crystal is a 26-year old Indiana-base Lifestyle Influencer of healthy living. She was used to being the biggest person in the room until one day she stopped her excuses and made the most important health decision of her life: to get going. A childhood of obesity and a feeling of being stuck led her to make some poor health decision resulting in being over 400 lbs by the time she graduated high school. Crystal now lives a life of balance: healthy diet and exercise have transformed her from being extremely obese to now well on her way to a healthy weight in as little as 9 months. Crystal has managed to lose 50% of her body weight and near 200 lbs in a 10-month time frame and has become an avid running along the way.

Lynn Buikema
Lynn loves being outdoors and running.She loves the atmosphere of the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon and it is the only race commits to running every year. What she loves most about it is the city, the support, the organization and the roadside entertainment!

Brad Chaney
Brad is a returning #IndyMini Ambassador Alumnus, this year joined by his son Matthew! Brad's a middle school cross country coach and enjoys promoting running and events.

Matthew Chaney
Matthew has been running for 5 years, since the 5th grade. He is a Freshman running XC for Terre Haute South. Matthew's favorite thing to do is run with his dad, Brad. Some of his best memories are running long runs with his dad or competing in races. Last year, he completed his first #IndyMini with his dad.

Jeffery Chapman
Jeffery always enjoyed running but in the last few years has really worked to get more involved with running events as well. His favorite thing about running is that a person can do it anytime and anywhere - all you need are a pair of shoes.

Kate Chargualaf
Kate is a mom, wife, daughter, care-giver and woman passionate about encouraging others to live a healthier lifestyle and work towards the goals of the person. She enjoys the gym and healthier eating styles, but also considers herself a foodie!

Kali Chemelewski
Kali has always been an athlete and when she got to college, she found herself needing a new form of exercise. Running quickly became her go to and looks forward to runs where she can crank her music, clear her head, and find some "me time." She loves the self-competition of running and meeting so many people through it!

Pam Chemelewski
Pam has been a long time participant and fan of the 500 Festival Mini Marathon! In addition to running, she loves spending time outside, with her family or hiking in Colorado.

Jennifer Doyle
After running in high school and college, Jennifer hung up her running shoes for twelve years until her best friend asked her to run the 2011 Mini Marathon with her. Since then, Jennifer was hooked and has continued to run the Mini each year. She is married with two sons and they stay very active as a family.

Jamicka Edwards
Jamicka is a single mother of 3 incredible sons- J’Don -18, Jamal-17, and Absalom – 9. Her running journey began in 2015 when she needed to find a way to heal from her divorce, and depression. Through running, she has lost weight and gained my motivation and inspiration to live a better life for herself and inspire others.

Jay Eiteljorge
Jay has ran the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon 22 times, 15 in a row, because he says it's a great community event. He is also currently on a streak of 2,097 consecutive days of running at least 1 mile every day. He's so grateful for the connections he's made because of running.

Walter Evans
Walter has run marathons in all 50 States and has ran over 200 marathons last 15 years. As an ambassador, Walter will share his knowledge and social experiences with others who love running. 2020 will market the 15th anniversary of his first OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon!

Jim Garringer
Jim is a 63-year-old former runner and now walker who loves the Mini-Marathon and looks forward to participating in it each year!

Christina Grisby
Christina registered for her first race ever, the 2007 Indy Mini, to stay motivated to run. She has since ran more than 65 half marathons, 4 full marathons and too many different distance races from the 5k and up to count. She loves being involved in the running community and hopes to motivate and inspire others to discover their love of running.

Kelly Halstead
Kelly is a proud wife and mom of two who runs on coffee, wine and all the chaos in-between. She loves everything that goes into running, working out, and that feeling you get after crossing that finish line. Something that she always reminds herself, family, and friends is to work hard and be nice to people. It's that easy!

Patti Hammerle
For Patti, running is about being part of one of the best communities in Indy - the running community. Running makes her feel good about herself and stay healthy. When she's not running, she's a teacher, wife and mom and you can find her reading a book or napping on her back porch!

Lisa Herron
Lisa is a country girl power-walking for her health and owning her destiny at 51!

Shane Hillman
Shane considers himself a social runner that can be competitive when he chooses. He gets greater satisfaction out of helping others get to the finish line. He thinks that helping someone PR is way more fun than winning a race or age group award for himself!

Cindy Marshall
Cindy is an avid runner, having completed numerous 5k’s, half’s, and full marathons. In addition to running, she's passionate about helping others achieve their goals through fitness. Cindy's returning to the Indy Mini again for the 2nd time to participate in the race that is so near and dear to her heart.

Ryan McGlinchey
Ryan is a student studying Human Resource Management through IU Kelley School of Business. This will be his 9th Indy Mini and 10th half marathon. He's currently training for his very first sub 2. He's grateful to be an Indy Mini Ambassador and is excited to share the fun atmosphere of the running community.

Jeanette Payne
Jeanette is an avid running who loves encouraging others to step outside of their comfort zone. Someone encouraged her to do it when she ran her very first Mini-Marathon so many years ago. She encourages everyone to find their WHY and make their dreams come true.

Janice Ringo
Janice's heart belongs to the Indy-Mini! She has completed and celebrated 24 consecutive OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathons, including 3 races post-heart attack. She loves being a part of the greatest racing tradition in Indiana, and is constantly inspired by everyone on race-day, from the children's high-fives along the route, to the music and dancing, to the costumes, and the military guys walking with full gear packs. She's a wife, (military) Mom, and Grandma, CFO of a credit union, and part of the Muncie Community.

Jason Ronna
Jason is a school teacher who lives in Paducah, Kentucky and teaches at a small school in Southern Illinois. His wife is from Fishers, Indiana, and their family loves the Indy Mini and Indianapolis in May.

Jennifer Sheehan
As a mom and Indianapolis area teacher it’s important to Jennifer that her kids learn to grow and live a healthy lifestyle by being active and having fun.

Michael Williams
As a life-long runner, it has been Michael's quest to participate in running long-distance races as part of a goal of a healthy lifestyle and fitness.

April Woodruff
In 2008, April decided to sign up for the Indy Mini, having never ran a race before in her life. Once she crossed the finish line, she was immediately hooked. She's participated every year since, except the year her daughter was born.

Ambassador Rules & Regulations

Please note that Ambassadors are NOT financially compensated in any way. We do not subsidize travel, training expenses or issue payment of any kind to our team. Ambassadors for the 2020 OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon will serve from September 2019 through August 2020. We reserve the right to remove any Ambassador from the team at any time due to poor conduct or failure to perform duties.
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