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Mini-Marathon Pacers

Need some extra support or encouragement in your goal to finish the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon? Looking to conquer a personal best? The DICK'S Sporting Goods Pace Team, powered by Elevated Pacing, can help you meet your performance goals!

Pacers guide a group of runners to meet a particular goal pace. Pacers will hold a sign with the pace they are running so they are easy to spot. With their expertise, pacers can help you achieve your half marathon goal time utilizing smart racing strategies.

Meet Your 2024 Pace Team and the pace times they are covering! *

*pace groups are subject to change as we get closer to the race

Fun Facts About Scott:
  • He cycled from Seattle to Portland in 4 days while camping along the way.
  • Scott is going on his first international trip and pacing the Rome marathon (3:30) while there.
  • 2 years ago, Scott purchased a ranch with his wife, and they now have 2 Horses and 2 mules.
Fun Facts About Sean:
  • Sean is a HUGE basketball (go Lakers!) & soccer fan
  • He is active-duty Air Force and will be living the next four years in Korea & Tokyo, Japan
Fun Facts About Mike:
  • Mike has completed all 6 Abbott World Marathons!
  • He owns a Run Specialty Store in Rapid City, SD called Black Hills Running Co.
  • Mike has a degree in Veterinary Technology.
Fun Facts About Emmy:
  • Emmy is a vegan runner.
  • In 2023, she ran 5 of the 6 World Marathon Major events.
  • Emmy says, "If you run with me, you'll have music trivia each mile!"
Fun Facts About Jaclynn:
  • Jaclynn is a pediatric psychologist.
  • She has 4 cats and 1 dog! 🐶🐱
  • Jaclynn went to West Virginia University for college. "Let's go Mountaineers!"
Fun Facts About Scott:
  • Scott said, "I make some of the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet, or at least in the United States!"
  • He was a member of the first pace team to pace the NYC Marathon (2004).
Fun Facts About Kimmie:
  • Kimmie's grandfather was Bruce Springsteen's high school math teacher in Freehold, NJ.
  • She is a cat mom to two fabulous and crazy tabbies: Nina and Lemon. 🐱
  • She is obsessed with Ethiopian food - "Especially those yummy red lentils!"
Fun Facts About Marissa:
  • She and her husband got married in South Africa!
  • Riss is a psychiatrist. She said "If you need a little therapy during our running journey, you'll be able to find me with a 2:00-hour sign in my hand!"
  • She loves to travel and hear about others' travel journeys and recommendations!
Fun Facts About Mara:
  • Mara is obsessed with hot chocolate and dark chocolate! -"Bonus points to you if you can recommend me any spots to try!"
  • Her go-to comfort-binge TV show is Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • Mara says, "Don't ask me what my favorite music genre is...I basically love every type!"
Fun Facts About Kyle:
  • Kyle has lived in 8 states, with Indiana being the longest at 15 years. - "Go Hoosiers!"
  • He is a dog dad to an eight-year-old Corgi/American Eskimo queen, Summer!
  • Kyle writes left-handed, throws right-handed, and kicks left-footed.
Fun Facts About Rachel:
  • Rachel was a musical theater major in school and has performed at many amazing, historic, and (sometimes) haunted theaters throughout the U.S.
  • She has been training in Krav Maga (Israeli Self-Defense) for 3 years and is working on her training certification because she believes no one should run or live in fear.
  • Rachel is a twin! - "Yes, twins DO have superpowers!"
Fun Facts About Sean:
  • Sean is an elementary PE teacher.
  • His favorite post-race meal is a steak, sweet potato, and a frosty beer.
  • He was born on Memorial Day!
Fun Facts About Brandi:
  • Brandi has 5 kids, including a set of twins.
  • She has lived in Florida her whole life, but she doesn't like the heat.
  • In her spare time, when she's not running, she loves to read!
Fun Facts About Vince:
  • Vince has run over 100 marathons!
  • He has finished a 100-mile Ultra.
  • He really enjoys baking.
Fun Facts About Kristie:
  • Kristie has a birthmark that looks exactly like a chocolate chip cookie - "It’s serendipitously on my stomach!"
  • She is still "figuring out what to be when she grows up," so she started flight school at age 40 to become an airline pilot!
  • "My 12-year-old daughter wants you all to know I’m a mean mom because I won’t let her have SnapChat or TikTok."
Fun Facts About Rick:
  • Rick drinks pickle juice right before every race!
  • He is really good friends with the world's most famous body painter.
  • He started organizing pace teams 20 years ago, and he still loves doing it!
Fun Facts About Brianna:
  • Brianna aims to run a marathon in each of the 50 states!
  • She spends hours in aquariums every time she visits.
  • She is a classically trained ballet dancer.
Fun Facts About Adrienne:
  • Adrienne got into running because she used to be an insomniac.
  • She is an artist and foodie!
  • Her first marathon was NYC.
Fun Facts About Dustin:
  • Dustin loves to cook - "My favorite food to make is braciola!"
  • He grew up in southwest Ohio, but now lives in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota!
  • The Colfax Marathon this year will be his first attempt at a full!
Fun Facts About Susanna:
  • Susanna is a coffee lover.
  • She collects all things Wonder Woman.
  • She is a member of the 13.1 x 100 club, and this year's Indy Mini will be her 115th half-marathon!
Fun Facts About Heather:
  • Heather loves horror movies and her three cats are named after characters in some of her favorites: Annabelle, Church, and Pennywise. 🐱
  • When she lived in Charlotte NC, she was an extra on the television shows Homeland and Banshee!
  • Her favorite color is yellow. - "It's such a sunny color that brings me happiness!"
Fun Facts About Spencer:
  • Spencer's favorite sport is snowboarding! - "Living in the hot and flat south is a bit ironic."
  • His day job involves engineering the interiors of private jets!
  • He loves food. All food. - "Never tasted anything I didn’t enjoy. It’s a blessing and a curse."
Fun Facts About Bill:
  • Bill grew up in upstate New York and has lived in Orlando for almost 20 years.
  • He was a radio DJ for most of the 90s!
  • He's logged over 140,000 steps in a day twice.

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