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Mini-Marathon Pacers

Happy Pace, Happy Race!

Need some extra support or encouragement in your goal to finish the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon? Looking to conquer a personal best? Our pace team can help you meet your performance goals!

Meet Your 2023 Condado 500 Festival Pace Team, powered by Elevated Pacing

Mike | Pace Time: 1:40

Mike got into running in 2005 and ran his first half marathon. Right after that race, he signed up for his first marathon. That one did not go so well, and it took him 3 years to get up enough courage to try another one. He went in properly trained for that one and ran a 3:56. That is where he got the real passion for running. Mike got into pacing to give back to the sport that he loves so much. Pacing for him is so rewarding because he can help others achieve their goals.

Fun Facts:
  • Has run 70 marathons
  • recently completed all 6 World Major Marathons and is 1 of only 3 South Dakotans to do this
  • Has paces The Rome Marathon

Emmy | Pace Time: 1:45

Emmy found running in 2008 when a professor said, “find a way to organize your bubbles.” Never having run before and equipped with a borrowed pair of shoes and those “crazy” shorts with underwear built-in, the first real run happened, and an obsession was born! A couple dozen marathons, countless halfs, an Ironman, a handful of half-Ironmans, and thousands of miles later, Emmy has started to play with ultras while also pacing regularly.

Fun Facts:
  • Plant-based athlete since 2011
  • Works as a choir director & music professor
  • Sings & plays piano

David | Pace Time: 1:50

David loves running, and he loves helping others to achieve their running goals. David had a friend that does half marathons and full marathons all over the world, and he's who introduced David to the wonderful world of pacing.

"It’s been very rewarding, and you get to meet so many awesome people" is how David answers the question of "why do you run and pace?" There's no arguing with that!

Fun Facts:

  • Grew up in Wyoming
  • Wasn't a runner until later in life
  • He and his wife both ran Boston together
  • All of his PRs came at the age of 50

Kimmie | Pace Time: 2:00

The running bug bit Kimmie in 2013, and she hasn't looked back. After once declaring "only crazy people run marathons," she's gone on to complete over 50 marathons and over 20 ultra marathons. Pacing is her absolute favorite way to be a part of an event, and helping others achieve their goals is why she truly believes that pacing is a calling. Plus, pacing combines two of her favorite things: running & talking!

Fun Facts:
  • Sports car enthusiast
  • Cat mom extraordinaire
  • Nerdy math teacher
  • Jersey girl
  • Rabid reader & coffee connoisseur

Scott | Pace Time: 2:00

Scott started running "seriously" in 2000 for both physical & mental fitness and ran his first marathon in 2001. He got into pacing by pure luck; a friend was leading the pace teams for the 2003 Flying Pig Marathon and needed a substitute at 3:30. The following year, he filled in again at 3:30. He paced three other marathons in 2004 and was added to the team full time in 2005. Over the years, Scott's paced approximately 100 marathons.

Fun Facts:
  • Was a member of the first pace team to pace the NYC Marathon (2004)
  • Makes some of the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet, or at least in the US

Katrina | Pace Time: 2:05

Katrina ran occasionally in life until moving to New Jersey in 2015, where she started to get the running bug with all of the New York Road Runners races. She really became more dedicated to running when she relocated to Florida over 4 years ago, thanks to the local running and pacing group called The West Volusia Runners. She loves giving back to the running community by helping others reach their goals!

Fun Facts:
  • Loves cupcakes, cakes, and donuts
  • Drove a go cart through the streets of Tokyo dressed as Princess Peach

Vince | Pace Time: 2:10

Vince has been running for 30 years, and he has completed over 100 marathons including having paced more than 30 with several of them being the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. Simply stated, Vince loves pacing. In his words, "It gives me the opportunity to share the sport I love with others, while helping them attain a goal."

In 2018, Vince completed the Burning River 100-mile race and says it was an amazing experience!

Fun Facts:

  • Licensed private pilot
  • Life-long Ohio State Buckeye fan
  • Proud/blessed parent

Tarsha | Pace Time: 2:20

Tarsha started running a little over 9 years ago and fell in love after her very first 5k. Since then, she has run 53 half marathons and 9 full marathons. In fact, when her sons (ages 27 and 33) ran their first half marathons, she ran with both of them. Tarsha started pacing about 5 years ago and loves helping others reach their goals. "Run with endurance" is her go-to mantra.

Along with being a runner, Tarsha is a triathlete, yoga instructor, and a former Black Girls Run! Orlando, Half Fanatics, and InkNBurn ambassador.

Fun Facts:

  • Loves to drink chocolate milk post-race
  • Favorite full marathon is Run to the Falls in Niagra Falls, NY

Guinevere | Pace Time 2:30

Guinevere's grandpa and mom are both runners, so it was inevitable that she would start running eventually. About four years ago, she "accidentally" ran her first half marathon with her mom and her best friend. After having completed the distance, Guinevere was so sore, but it was a quick realization that she could be like her mom and run half marathons. Now she runs 5-7 days a week with her boyfriend, eats all the food she wants, and continues to PR and get faster.

Fun Facts:

  • Was in Texas for 18 years but recently moved to Chicago with her boyfriend
  • Has the cutest little dog named Maddie
  • Is also a triathlete (sometimes)

Rachel | Pace Time: 2:30

When Rachel started running, she had the gift of getting the BEST running partner a girl could ask for. He was patient and kind and pushed her to keep going. Her pace was so much slower than his, but he stuck it out and never left a “man” behind. Little did she know, that is what pacing is. It is unselfishly giving back to another runner. It is having patience to run someone else’s race for them, and it’s harnessing the responsibility of getting someone across the line at or under their goal. Because Rachel had been gifted that experience, she wants to give to others what she felt early on in her running career.

Fun Facts:

  • Was a theatre major in college
  • Actively practices in Krav Maga
  • Can wiggle her ears

JJ | Pace Time: 2:45

JJ started running in mid-2012 because she was 65 pounds heavier and miserable. Couch to 5k got her hooked and the rest is history! Since then, she's realized distance is my favorite. The more miles, the better! JJ loves to give back to the sport of running through pacing others to their goals and sharing the finish line excitement with as many runners as possible.

Fun Facts:
  • Engineer turned manager
  • Loves to play golf
  • Huge sports fan - Go BLUE!

Spencer | Pace Time: 3:00

Spencer started running in middle school to stay in shape for soccer, and he kept running on-and-off in college and early adulthood trying to minimize weight gain. Things really picked things up in 2011 with marathons (and ultras) and an Ironman or two. Spencer ran on-and-off since then, but he's loving running more now than ever and has gone on to pace along the way while still finding time for soccer and snowboarding.

Fun Facts:
  • Does a lot of engineering stuff
  • Enjoys trail running a lot
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