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Elite Field

2024 Elite Field

Application Closes - April 18, 2024
Deadline to Register - April 19, 2024


The OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon welcomes athletes who meet the below time standards to apply for the 500 Festival's Elite Athlete Field. Approved applicants will receive a complimentary race registration and private gear check, and will be placed in the Elite Athlete Corral at the front of the race.

Elite Athletes must submit an online application and sign the sportsmanship pledge. Approved applicants will receive an email indicating if your application has been accepted or declined. Registration instructions will then be provided.


  • Complimentary Elite Entry
  • Elite Athlete Corral
  • Private gear check

*The 500 Festival does not provide lodging or travel allowance


  • To be considered for the Elite Field, athletes must complete the Elite Athlete application by April 18, 2024
  • Proof of time must be submitted for a race that's been completed between January 2023 and April 2024.
  • Race proof must be for a distance of 10K or longer

2024 Elite Athlete Qualifying Times

Open Men
Open Women
Masters / Grandmasters
Men (40+)
Masters / Grandmasters
Women (40+)
10K 33:15:00 38:30:00 34:40:00 39:55:00
15K 51:45:00 1:00:00 53:52:00 1:02:07
Half Marathon 1:15:00 1:27:00 1:18:00 1:30:00
Marathon 2:40:00 3:18:00 2:46:00 3:24:00

*Meeting these standards does not guarantee acceptance in the Elite Athlete program. All applications are subject to the discretion of the 500 Festival.

Prize Money

To be eligible for prize money in the categories of the overall winner, time standard, or first Indiana finisher, you must be approved and registered through the 500 Festival's Elite Athlete Program. Elite Athletes are eligible to win prize money in multiple categories (e.g., winning male with a time of 1:04 would receive $3,000 - $2,000 for winning the race and $1,000 for beating 1:05 time standard). Finish order is based upon gun time.

The top finishers from the state of Indiana must be a registered Elite Athlete, Indiana resident, and be able to demonstrate proof of residency via a valid government-issued ID.

1st 2nd 3rd
Overall Men $2,000
Overall Women $2,000
Top Indiana Finisher - Men $1,000
Top Indiana Finisher - Women $1,000
Masters Open - Men & Women (40+) $500 $300 $100
Grandmasters Open - Men & Women (50+) $300 $200 $100

Any Elite Athlete who beats the following time standards will receive $1,000:

  • Men: 1:05:00
  • Women: 1:15:00

Any elite athlete who beats a course record will receive $500

  • Men’s Record: 2023 Panuel Mkungo – 1:01:44
  • Women’s Record: 2010 Janet Cherobon – 1:10:59

*Previous American Half Marathon Record (1:07:11) was won by Emily Sisson on the Indy Mini course during the 2022 USATF Half Marathon National Championships*

Please Note: It is the responsibility of the athlete to determine if they are able to accept prize money and how that prize may be spent to maintain high school and/or collegiate eligibility.

*All Elite Athletes should participate in an honorable and moral manner and in accordance with USATF rules and regulations. The 500 Festival reserves the right to void prize money and/or disqualify an Elite Athlete if they are deemed to have acted against these standards.

If you have any questions regarding the Elite Field, please contact

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