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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the registration deadline?

Is registration available at the Expo?

I am no longer able to participate - What are my options?

Can a friend pick up my Mini-Marathon packet for me?

If I signed up for multiple races, am I automatically added to one of the challenges?

How do I change the event I registered for?

How do I confirm my entry to the Mini-Marathon?

I am no longer able to attend, can I defer my registration to 2025?

Race Information

What is seeding, and should I submit it?

I ran last year, will I be seeded off of that time?

Where is my starting location for the Mini-Marathon?

Where can I find a course maps of the races?

How does the Mega Mini (Mini & 5K) or Greatest Spectacle Challenge (Miler, Mini, & 5K) work on race day?

When does the 5K start, and what is the time limit?

When does the Mini start, and what is the time limit?

Where is the start line for the Mini and 5K?

What time does each wave start for the Mini?

Where are the water stations?

What if I can't finish the race?

When does the race officially end?

Where should I meet my family after the race?

Where can I check my gear during the race?

Can I run in the 5K instead of the Mini-Marathon?

I'm faster now than when I signed up, can I update my estimated finish time?

Are there going to be shuttles to the race? Shuttles from the Airport, etc?

When is next year's date?

Expo & Packet Pickup

Can a friend pick up my Mini-Marathon packet for me?

What are the Expo hours?

Where do I get my race bib?

To learn more about the Expo, head over to


Where can I get my results for the Mini-Marathon?

What are the different awards divisions?


Where can I get merchandise?

When should I expect the merchandise I ordered to arrive?

Do you have a way for companies to participate?

Do you offer a group discount?

Can my children run or walk with me?

Can I participate with a stroller/dog?

Where can I park the day of the race?

My friend is in a different wave than I, but we want to run together. Are we able to do so?

Is there a cutoff time to enter the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Are hydration backpacks or vests allowed?

Still have questions? Reach out to us at and we would be more than happy to assist you!

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