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Living Well Program

The 500 Festival Living Well Program is a great way for apartment complexes of all sizes to promote resident wellness and healthy lifestyles, build a culture of community, and foster meaningful relationships through the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon and Delta Dental 500 Festival 5K!

The Living Well Program is a no-cost, resident-based health initiative that provides many benefits to your residents including discounted registration costs, training resources, and built-in support to help them reach their health goals. The program also offers communities the opportunity to add a little excitement with a head-to-head competition against other complexes to win an award for resident participation. There is no cost to enroll your community in the Living Well Program!

Using the Living Well program, complexes can build access to community resources that bring value to the neighborhood while adding excitement to the Month of May!

Applications for the 2023 Living Well Program are now closed. Check back for 2024 applications opening soon!

How Do I Get My Community Involved?

Step 1: Choose a Team Captain

Each complex will need a Team Captain to lead their team and correspond with the 500 Festival. The Team Captain can change if needed and does not necessarily need to participate themselves, but they do get free entry!

Step 2: Enroll Apartment Complex

The Team Captain will fill out a team registration form here. The 500 Festival will provide the Team Captain with promotional materials, training materials, and a unique discount code to share with residents.

Step 3: Get Your Residents Signed Up!

The Team Captain will reach out to residents with all the promotional and training materials along with the unique coupon code.

Step 4: Start Recruiting!

Here are some recruiting tips you can use to enhance resident participation:

  • Motivate your team- Encourage residents to sign up by offering small prizes or incentives to people who register.
  • Stay active- Remind residents to go for a quick run/walk during breaks, lunch hour, or after work. If your complex has a gym, plan a group Indy Mini training day!
  • Make it fun- Continue to update your residents on how many people have registered, or even plan weekly or monthly challenges for running/walking. Anyone who isn’t signed up might see how much fun it is and maybe be inspired to join.
  • Communicate the benefits- Residents receive a discount on registration, an opportunity to engage with the community, customized training plans, and other resources.


For any questions about how to get involved with the Living Well Program, please contact Christin at crollett@500festival.com.

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