500 Mile Challenge

Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge & Gasoline Alley 250 Mile Challenge

This fitness initiative was created to encourage an active lifestyle outside of the Month of May and to continue to celebrate the spirit of May beyond the Mini-Marathon and 5K. This challenge encourages participants to complete a total of 250 or 500 miles of physical activity between June to the end of October.There are so many ways to log your miles and get active with this challenge!

CONGRATULATIONS to all those who participated in the 2023 500 Mile Challenge or the Gasoline Alley 250 Mile Challenge, benefiting the 500 Festival. Participants took epic strides toward a healthier future and connected with amazing people along the way.

Together, participants covered a whopping 518,380 total miles in this challenge!

Think you have what it takes?

  • Rack up and log miles by running, walking, biking, swimming, through fitness classes, and so much more!
  • Receive a shirt, medal, hat, and sticker!
  • Earn virtual badges as you conquer new activities or reach mileage milestones
  • You can start to log your miles on June 14*
  • The last day to log your miles is October 31
*If you register after mile logging begins, you can still stay on pace by backlogging your miles starting from June 14

Participant Resources

You've accepted the challenge, now we're here to support you through each and every mile! Visit our participant resources page, where you can find information on submitting your miles, resources to make your experience more memorable, and so much more. Be sure to bookmark the page!

Participant Resources


Let the world know that you're taking part in the Indianapolis 500 Mile Challenge or the Gasoline Alley 250 Mile Challenge. Don't forget to use #IndyVirtualChallenge in your post and tag the 500 Festival on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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